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Destiny of Thrones is now live Destiny of Thrones is now live
PlayPark throws its hat in the mobile MOBA scene with the launch of Destiny of Thrones! Destiny of Thrones is now live

There’s a new MOBA in town, and like Vain Glory, this one is played on your mobile device (protip: use a tablet) instead of your desktop PC. Destiny of Thrones may be the perfect game to wash away the saltiness of other MOBAs!

Destiny of Thrones (DOT) is Playpark’s first mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. DOT features over 50 diverse characters based on culturally rich mythologies, each with various levels of customization – ranging from hero skins, weapons, skills, and special talents. Players will be spoilt for choice and guaranteed many hours of dynamic and challenging battles that are full of surprises in real time 3v3 and 5v5 game modes.


Players familiar with PC MOBA games can easily jump in on the action with DOT due to the ease of playing the competitive game anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices. DOT allows players to strategize and coordinate with their teammates on levels akin to Sun Tzu’s Art of War within the game. The gallery of stunningly elaborate graphics and character designs enhances the immersive and addictive gameplay within the life-like fantasy worlds and environments.

Playpark is very pleased that it received favourable response during the closed-beta period for DOT in 2015. The game will be available in a variety of languages that includes Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian for Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Battle at your fingertips like never before with DOT.

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