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Enjoy 80% off PayPal’s withdrawal fee using PayMaya Enjoy 80% off PayPal’s withdrawal fee using PayMaya
PayMaya makes withdrawing PayPal funds easy as users can now link their PayMaya and PayPal accounts. They're even offering an 80% discount on the... Enjoy 80% off PayPal’s withdrawal fee using PayMaya

Freelance work is being increasingly embraced by Filipinos today, especially with the rise of opportunities provided by the internet. There are many freelance works that can be done online, be it having your own online shop, writing for a blog, or creating video content; whatever work you may have, payment mostly comes from PayPal, the leading online payment platform. For easy PayPal withdrawal, PayMaya is the way to go. They’re even offering a sweet 80% off the withdrawal fee (for a limited time only though).

PayMaya has announced that freelancers and online businesses can now withdraw their available PayPal funds more quickly and more conveniently with PayMaya by simply linking their PayPal accounts directly to their PayMaya accounts.


Using PayMaya to withdraw PayPal funds is more efficient. With PayMaya, there is no need to travel to financial institutions, fall in long lines, answer forms, and secure a minimum initial deposit. All they need to do is download the PayMaya app from the Google Play or the App Store to have an instant virtual Visa card which they can immediately use for transactions including PayPal transfers.


As part of the announcement, from September 22 to December 21, 2016, users will enjoy 80 percent off PayPal’s withdrawal fee when they transfer their available PayPal balance to their PayMaya account. When the transfer is complete, users can withdraw their fund at any Bancnet ATM through their PayMaya card. They can also use their PayMaya app or card to shop at any stores that accept Visa.


To be a part of this promo, follow these easy steps:


  1. Get PayMaya

Creating a PayMaya account is easy. To create a PayMaya account, download PayMaya from the Google Play or App Store and register with any Philippine mobile number.

Next, get the physical PayMaya card available at the official PayMaya Store and link it to your PayMaya app. To be able to withdraw money from any Bancnet ATMs, be sure to upgrade your PayMaya account via the app or simply send a request to @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook. The next step is to link your PayMaya account to your PayPal account.  If you do not have a PayPal account, go to and click on “Sign up now” to create your PayPal account.


  1. Link ‘em up.

To link your PayMaya account to PayPal, go to ‘Banks and Cards’ on the PayPal website and choose ‘Link a Card’. Next, enter your PayMaya virtual or physical card information and ensure that the PayPal address matches that of your PayMaya account.  You will need to load at least P100 into your PayMaya account to link to PayPal to facilitate an authorization request.


  1. Transfer your funds

Click on ‘Withdraw Funds’ on the summary page of your PayPal account and key in your PayMaya details. The minimum withdrawal from a PayPal account is P500.   New PayPal customers may experience a temporary hold on funds.

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