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Haier’s Inverter Tech Brings Energy Savings Beyond Standards Haier’s Inverter Tech Brings Energy Savings Beyond Standards
Haier's inverter tech aims to cut down refrigerator power consumption. Haier’s Inverter Tech Brings Energy Savings Beyond Standards

There is currently a push for more power-efficient electronics, be it from personal gadgets to home appliances. Not only does power efficiency mean an item is better for the environment, it also cuts down on the electricity bill. While phone charging may not make much of a dent on monthly bills, big appliances like refrigerators surely do, especially the older and inefficient models. But with Inverter technology from manufacturers like Haier, electricity consumption can be lessened.



Inverter technology has revolutionized home appliances, bringing greater energy efficiencies that translate to more savings. In particular, refrigerators—which traditionally consume almost 1,800kwh/year—are now being designed with digital inverter compressors that cut down electricity consumption from about 500 to 380kwh/year.


Digital inverters are fast becoming the standard for modern home refrigerators. However, innovations are pushing the limits of what inverters can do to help households enjoy real savings from their appliances.


Greater efficiency, less power


Inverter compressors adapt to the cooling needs of refrigerators. Unlike conventional counterparts that consume the same amount of energy whether the fridge is frequently used or not, inverter compressors “slow down” when they don’t need to actively decrease the temperature, such as at night. This lessens energy consumption while reducing wear and tear on the compressor.


Haier takes the technology a step further with its FICA Ref Series.


“Our FICA Ref Series is equipped with an FD-Plus inverter compressor, which is integrated into a single conversion chip for better reliability compared with other inverter compressors,” said Haier’s Senior Product Manager for Refrigerators and Air Conditioners, Jennifer Samson.


Previous compressors from the brand had frequency plates that consumed 0.6W on standby power. The newer FD-Plus inverter compressor cuts this down further to less than 0.1W when idle—the lowest in the refrigerator industry.


“The chip also runs on a 32-bit operating system, unlike typical digital inverters that run on a 16-bit OS. This greatly enhances cooling performance for better food storage and cost efficiency,” Samson added.


All in all, the FD-Plus inverter consumes power from 245 to 310kwh/year.


These benefits come on top of other features such as a 360-degree duct that allows pervasive cooling air flow, a brighter LED lamp that saves more energy, tempered glass shelving that can load up to 120kg of food, and anti-odor and anti-bacterial deodorizer that helps preserve food quality.


Haier’s two-door top-mount FICA refrigerators are available in three different sizes: 8.5, 9.3, and 11.1 cubic feet. The suggested retail price for each is P20,998, P23,598, and P26,598 respectively.


All FICA refrigerators come with a two-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as a ten-year warranty for the compressor.

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