Lenovo announces availability of their new Pocket Projector Lenovo announces availability of their new Pocket Projector
Lenovo has recently announced the availability of their new portable Pocket Projector, which can project up to 110 inches in 1080p. Lenovo announces availability of their new Pocket Projector

Projectors are useful in many fields, be it with work/school presentations, or as a makeshift movie theater, it can even be used for gaming (if one is so inclined). Though a problem with them is that they are often bulky and not the easiest things to transport everywhere. A portable projector is certainly very useful, such as Lenovo’s new Pocket Projector, which they have announced just recently.


Lenovo recently announced the availability of its latest innovation in the Philippine market: the Lenovo Pocket Projector, a carry-anywhere projection dynamo that turns any room into a private theater with a push of a button. All eyes will be on this device which allows work presentations, movies, TV shows, home videos, games, or photos to be shared and project up to 110 inches of stunning display.


Powered by Lenovo’s vibrant color technology, the Pocket Projector delivers amazingly high contrast images and features a built-in lithium ion battery for extreme mobility.


Larger-than-life brilliant display


Dim and blurry projection is a thing of the past with the Lenovo Pocket Projector, which consistently delivers stunning display of up to 110 inches with a 50-lumen, high-contrast Digital Light Processing (DLP) Technology optical engine designed and developed by leading semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. DLP technology allows projection quality of up to 1080p for larger screen sizes, perfect geometry and linearity of images, and a wider range of colors than other display technologies.


Enhanced mobility and versatility


The Lenovo Pocket Projector performs superbly whether at work or at home—even outdoors. The projector itself can rotate up to 90 degrees for total viewing versatility; turn any wall, floor, or ceiling into a vibrant display to amp up the experience for family, friends, colleagues, and clients.


True portability


Unlike other projectors in the market, the Lenovo Pocket Projector delivers true portability with its built-in lithium-ion battery that provides up to three hours of continuous operation on a single charge.


The compact, ultra-light design of the Pocket Projector clocks in at only 288 grams, allowing users to fit it right into a back pocket or a laptop bag for breathtaking display on-the-go.

The Lenovo Pocket Projector is available now in Lenovo stores and authorized dealers across the country, with the price of PHP 13,999.


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