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PNY announces the Duo-Link UFD, a storage solution for iOS devices PNY announces the Duo-Link UFD, a storage solution for iOS devices
PNY has just released a flashdrive that will finally allow iPhone users to quickly offload their photos and videos to free up space. PNY announces the Duo-Link UFD, a storage solution for iOS devices

With the continuous advancements in smartphone camera and screen technology, larger storage space has become a need for devices, as higher quality photos and videos mean larger file sizes. The usual solution for storage is the use of an SD card, but some phones such as iPhones, have no SD card slots. In line with this, PNY has announced the Duo-Link USB Flash Drive, a storage solution for lightning cable-equipped iOS devices.

With the DUO-Link, one can store photos, videos, and other digital files to free up space for iPhones and iPads.  Once can also transfer files at one’s own comfort without connecting to iTunes. Simply plug the DUO-Link M to a PC or Mac and enjoy quick and easy transfer of files. With the DUO-Link M, one can also directly access data on an external storage device and play movies or music without a network and without having to store them on your device.

PNY’s DUO-Link M is compatible with Apple Lighting connectors for sharing and storing content from iOS devices. And a slider reveals a Type-A USB 2.0 connector which connects easily to a PC or Mac and enable one to access and transfer files in seconds.


It’s lightweight and cap-less design lets one carry additional photos, videos and files in one’s pocket without worrying about damage or lost caps. It weighs around 9.8 g and measures at 50.9mmL x 26mmW x 11.45mmH. The drive delivers an impressive performance and is available in storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB. The Lightning interface delivers up to 10MB/s read, up to 8MB/s write. The USB Type-A 2.0 interface delivers up to 13MB/s read and 10MB/s write. You will need to download DUO-Link App from App store, so that you are able to use your gadget.


The DUO-Link M promises a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase.

The Duo-Link UFD has no release date yet for the Philippines.

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