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PNY Releases the Fashionable V1 & Cute Bubble Attaché Flash Drive PNY Releases the Fashionable V1 & Cute Bubble Attaché Flash Drive
PNY released two new flash drives, the sleek and stylish V1 attaché and the cute Bubble attaché. PNY Releases the Fashionable V1 & Cute Bubble Attaché Flash Drive

In buying gadgets, there is no denying that specs are important. Though not all people buy based them, rather they choose the item that they think is the best looking. They might buy the gadget than matches their clothing, their other gadgets, or they might just be a fan of certain designs. Whatever design they may prefer for their items, PNY has the right flash drive for them with their new releases, the V1 attaché and the Bubble attaché flash drives.


PNY Technologies (PNY) has released two new USB Flash drives, the V1 Attaché and the Bubble Attaché USB Flash Drives.


The V1 attaché comes encased in a special skid-proof rear cover with a stylish V-shaped designed end and build with a durable high-quality plastic casing, which is rugged enough to withstand scratched or accidental drops. The V-shaped cover easily slides to the end and reveals the USB port inside the drive. Its cap less design adds more convenience to use the drive. Simple plug and play operation allows you to immediately transfer the files and offers easy navigation without any lags or system stalling. Due to its light weight of 8.96g, the V1 attaché is a portable, smart and efficient USB flash Drive.


The Bubble attaché features a creative and cute design which provides enough storage and offers a convenient way to back up, store, transfer or carry any files anywhere ones go. The Bubble attaché has both in 2.0 the standard USB Drive and also for those who requires 3.0 for faster devices. In addition to its cute design and colorful image it delivers excellence in performance and quality and weighs only 8.2g. The exterior casing is made of rubber and is resilient to dust, scratches and shockproof.


Both the attachés come with up to 64GB of storage memory; both are compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista. Windows 7, 8, and Mac OS 10.3 and above operating systems. It promises an assured warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase.

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