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PNY releases three new Power Bank models in the Philippine Market PNY releases three new Power Bank models in the Philippine Market
PNY Technologies has released three new power bank models to the Philippine market, namely the PC104, T531, and BE840. They have capacities of 5300mAh,... PNY releases three new Power Bank models in the Philippine Market

One important feature of smartphones is battery life. A lot of manufacturers tout their phones battery life as a killer feature. It makes sense as smartphones are used very intensively by almost everyone throughout the day. Though even with advances in battery technology, most phones often last only for a day on a single charge, which necessitates the need for a power bank. With different people having different needs in terms of power bank size, PNY has released three models, each with different sizes and capacities.

PNY Technologies has introduced its popular and fast-selling power banks to the Philippine market, models PC104/T531/BE840. These power banks deliver outstanding battery life for your depleted mobile battery with power range ranging from 10400 mAh, 10000 mAh and 5300 mAh capacity to suit your battery preference.


Power Bank Power-T531




The Power-T531 is a slim power bank which comes encased in high-quality matte metallic casing and is available in two striking colors-silver and gold. The Power-T531 is backed with a Li-Polymer battery and comes charged with 5300 mAh capacity. The power bank charges one smartphone at a time with micro USB input DC 5V 2A max and USB output DC 5V 2.1A max.


Power Bank PC104




The PC104 is a powerhouse portable charger with a whopping 10400 mAh battery capacity. It provides up to 8 hours of battery life for your mobile phones. The device charges two smartphones simultaneously, thus saving you time and get the added benefit of using two devices whenever you want. It features an on/off button and 4-lights LED indicator displays the status of battery level while charging.




The BE-840 features a compact design, is super portable, easy to hold in your hand and can be put anywhere you want, e.g. a pocket or a bag. The device consists of non-recycled Lithium-ion batteries with powerful 10000 mAh battery capacity. It features dual output ports that can charge two devices simultaneously and efficiently.  It comes with four high efficiency LED indicators that help you keep track of the battery level. As an auxiliary application, it carries a handy built-in LED torch.

The three power bank models are backed with PNY’s 1-year warranty.

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