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Starmobile Launches Fingerprint Sensor-Equipped UP Sense Smartphone Starmobile Launches Fingerprint Sensor-Equipped UP Sense Smartphone
Starmobile has launched their new fingerprint sensor-equipped smartphone, the UP Sense. Starmobile Launches Fingerprint Sensor-Equipped UP Sense Smartphone

Fingerprint scanners in phones are often very useful. They help give extra security to a smartphone in a way that is fast and convenient. They can also serve as a payment authentication method in different apps to keep your payment info secure. And they can also serve as an extra button of sorts by assigning functions when they are used, such as opening the camera app.

While back then, these fingerprint scanners are only found in expensive flagship models, nowadays more and more phones are equipped with them. Even Philippine phone manufacturers are releasing phones with fingerprint sensors, one of which is Starmobile with their newly-released UP Sense smartphone.


“The UP Sense lets you use the most secure tool that you have in your possession 24/7 to lock your device and control access to your apps and private files—your very own fingerprint,” said Starmobile Product Development Head Michael Chen. “We aim to give you peace of mind that only you will have access to your smartphone’s content.”


Why would you want to have a smartphone with fingerprint sensor? Here are some of the benefits.


Security: In case something happens and you lose your smartphone – during your commute, while you are in a public place, or because you were preoccupied with other concerns – whoever picks up your device won’t get to view or tamper with your personal social media accounts, images, and videos.


Privacy: Sometimes, even those nearest and dearest to us could get tempted to play with our smartphones while we are not looking, driven by either curiosity or a plan to prank us. Having a fingerprint sensor will make it impossible for them to play with your device without your knowledge.


Convenience: Various studies have shown that an average smartphone user checks his or her device anywhere from 85 to 150 times in one day. Having to input pass codes each time can get tiring and confusing, especially for more senior users. Smartphones with fingerprint sensors solve this problem and make it hassle-free for these users to keep their devices protected.


The dual-SIM Android 6.0 Marshmallow UP Sense comes packed with a quad core CPU that can handle a wide array of games and multimedia, an 8MP rear camera with flash, a 2500 mAh battery that can provide up to 12.5 hours talk time or 13 days standby time, and expandable storage of up to 32GB. All these are within a slim and premium-looking body with a beautiful HD screen that looks great from any angle.


The Starmobile UP Sense is now available in Starmobile concept stores, kiosks, and authorized resellers nationwide at just P4,290.

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