Petya ransomware outbreak: Here’s what you need to know

A new strain of Petya ransomware has struck Europe and is spreading around the world, affecting many organizations. Symantec has confirmed that the Petya ransomware, like WannaCry, is using an EternalBlue exploit to spread.

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Android O no! Android O causes problems for mobile ransomware developers

The first developer preview of Google’s latest mobile operating system, Android O, has been released. As usual, the newest version of Android has several new features and updates. One of those updates has a direct impact on many Android ransomware threats.

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Symantec notice: Android ransomware requires victim to speak unlock code

The latest variant of the Android ransomware threat Android.Lockdroid.E uses speech recognition APIs and requires its victims to speak an unlock code instead of the traditional method of typing it in.

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