4 Ways You Can Go Further With The New ASUS ZenFone 4 Max

ASUS Philippines’ most celebrated smartphone model returns to the Philippine market this August 19, 2017 with its latest and strongest variant yet – the Zenfone 4 MAX.

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Top things that can affect WiFi performance at home

Having problems with your home WiFi’s performance at home? Or is your WiFi speed not as fast as expected? Well, before you call in a technician, here are some few tips and ticks to improve your home WiFi performance.

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Team Fear Us at Dreamhack Valencia: A Learning Experience
While there are lots of games that can be considered an esport, very few generate enough hype and buzz to have their own super event featuring teams from all over the world. Such was the opportunity for an up-and-coming title called Paladins. At Dreamhack Valencia, Paladins was the game... Read more
WannaCry Alert: How To Keep Your System Protected

In the wake of WannaCry, Symantec shares a few tips to protect your computer from ransomware and other virus attacks.

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5 Essential gadgets for your Summer Outing

It’s summer once again, and with it comes fun summer outings. Whether you’re going to a beach destination, or travelling to other countries, here are five gadgets that are must-brings.

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The 2016 Macbook Pro

The 2016 Macbook Pro

Features January 7, 2017 0

It’s finally here: The 2016 Macbook Pro. Complete with new features such as a Touch Bar that replaces the function keys, along with having no ports other than Thunderbolt 3.

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ROUNDUP | New gadgets for the week

Here are some new tech product releases, featuring products from Kingston, ViewSonic, PNY, and Haier.

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ASUS celebrates market leadership with the launch of the ZenBook UX305
ASUS may have grown their smartphone presence in the country big time, but their laptop industry did well last year, too. The Taiwanese company received the recognition of multiple award-giving bodies in the ultraportable category for their ZenBook series, which ASUS has released a new unit: the ZenBook UX305.... Read more
BUDGET BUILDING Part 2 | The Deepcool Ice Edge Mini FS V2.0 Heatsink Fan
Deepcool always amazes everyone with their budget-friendly products. Another budget heatsink fan appeared on our doorstep for a quick review and in preparation of our PC budget assembly series. Matt Animos Tech Junkie, Innovator, Researcher and Comic Book Geek Read more
BUDGET BUILDING Part 1 | The Deepcool mATX-ITX PC Case Chassis
Building your own rig can be very rewarding, but it comes with a lot of challenges. Components aside, your choice of case should also be given enough thought. In this series of articles, we build a desktop PC from scratch, starting from the choice of case: the Deepcool mATX-ITX.... Read more