twenty8two Aims To Digitize Public Transportation Aims To Digitize Public Transportation helps you queue for public transportation in the new normal. Aims To Digitize Public Transportation

TechTaxi Inc., aims to launch, a mobile application intended to digitize of how Filipinos ride in public transportation. The FREE mobile app will be soft-launched for Filipinos starting July 10, 2020, allowing everyday commuters to reserve their place in public transportation queues by a few simple taps on the app.

With the social distancing directives, the government has mandated to reduce the number of passengers to 50% capacity for each vehicle type whether it’s a private vehicle or public transportation. This is part of the new normal, and traveling from home to the office can be a big problem, especially for everyday commuters such as employees who are now being summoned back to their normal offices.

The TechTaxi team has been discussing with drivers and operators regarding their current challenges with the new regulations. One UV Driver cited that they are now allowed certain routes but stopping for passengers on the road is prohibited. Many drivers still do it though to maximize their trip in the hope of making ends meet. The best option is to queue at terminals managed by specific groups, but the system isn’t regulated well. The rules are subject to the barker/dispatcher’s preference, and since different routes/locations are managed by different groups, their systems are all different too. One thing is similar though, everyone needs to write
their vehicle/driver details on a piece of paper. Recording is very manual and will always need to be face-to-face or done personally.

“ aims to digitize this process for all of the parties involved including the operators, drivers, and the commuters. Association and transport groups simply need to coordinate with our team to register their destinations and they will be able to use its technology to manage and record the terminal queues including driver and vehicle details at several different locations,” Vincent Calaor, CEO of TechTaxi Inc. explained.

Drivers of these participating groups will need to simply download the driver app and log-in. Once they’re near any of the vehicle terminals, the app will ask if they want to line-up their vehicle. The driver will be able to check how many other units are in line and the number of passengers in’s priority line. If the driver confirms for the terminal point, the app automatically records that their vehicle is in queue and will give real-time updates on estimated time for onboarding passengers.

“With this workflow, the system will be able to calculate exactly when a passenger can take the ride and avoid overcrowding the terminals since the users will only need to go to the terminal on their time allotment. The app not only helps to digitize the queueing system but also directly aids in ensuring social distancing at terminals and less personal contacts between individuals at high-traffic terminals,” Calaor adds.

Everyday commuters will be able to use the app through these simple steps:

  1. Check and choose the terminal points and routes. The app will show the estimated time the vehicles will onboard or start taking passengers
  2. Confirm place in the priority line reserved for the users of the app
  3. Be at the terminal 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time for onboarding

With the launch of, the technology team of TechTaxi Inc believes that we are one-step further down the road towards digital transformation for the Philippines. Our behavior and new digital culture will be here to stay and the Philippines will thrive in the new normal.

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