Batman Week: What you need to know Batman Week: What you need to know
A lot of things have happened to Batman and the world he inhabits, and we’ve compiled a few things to keep you in the... Batman Week: What you need to know

A lot of things have happened to Batman and the world he inhabits, and we’ve compiled a few things to keep you in the know about the Caped Crusader.

The Dark Knight has had a few announcements made this past week, and interest for Batman has gone up thanks to the upcoming ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ movie from Warner Bros. However, more Batman-related news has come to light, and here’s a rundown of what you need to know what’s up with the character lately:

1. ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Limited Edition PS4 to be released on June 23

As if there’s not enough excitement for the last game set in the Arkham universe, Sony has announced a limited-run ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ version of the PS4. The bundle contains a steel grey unit featuring the Dark Knight’s silhouette as a face plate together with a steel grey DUALSHOCK controller and a copy of the much-awaited game.

PS4_BatmanArkhamKnight (5)

2. Jared Leto’s Joker has been released.

Let’s start with Batman’s ultimate enemy: The Joker. While the Clown Prince of Crime will not appear in the Batman vs. Superman movie, he will star alongside Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and the rest of the Suicide Squad in a movie also by Warner Bros. Jared Leto’s take on the Joker made the Internet rounds this week, and while not as dark and menacing as Heath Ledger’s version, is still demented and dangerous.


3. The Dark Knight III: The Master Race has been announced by DC Comics

Frank Miller is joined by artist Brian Azarello to produce the final act in the acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy with ‘Dark Knight III: The Master Race’. Miller was known to have penned one of the best-known Batman stories in ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’ and has been widely accepted as the story that ushered in the Caped Crusader’s darker, more grim presentation to readers. This has been followed by ‘The Dark Knight Strikes Again’ many years after and now, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, DC Comics has given the green light on the story to close out the trilogy of Dark Knight books.


The Dark Knight stories are set in a dystopian alternate future, where an aging Bruce Wayne must come out of retirement to become Batman once again. The upcoming movie with Batman and Superman also takes a big amount of inspiration from the Dark Knight series, as with Ben Affleck’s Batman being bigger/chunkier and the Bat-armor he wears before his fight with Superman is lifted straight out of the comics version. ‘Dark Knight III: The Master Race’ will be an eight-issue limited series to be released twice a month starting later this year.

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