Capture the Christmas spirit with the Moto g5s plus Capture the Christmas spirit with the Moto g5s plus
Step up photography skills in time for this year’s holiday season with the Moto g5s plus. The phone’s dual 13MP rear cameras deliver like... Capture the Christmas spirit with the Moto g5s plus


Time to sharpen your photography skills folks, as the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Christmas is a great time to capture your precious moments; and instead of lugging around a heavy camera, why not go for a smartphone with a capable camera such as Motorola’s g5s Plus.

Create amazing Christmas bokeh shots


Dual-camera smartphones are often described using photography jargon such as bokeh. The term originated from the Japanese word boke or boke-aii, which means “haze.” Translated to simpler terms, it refers to blur quality.


A bokeh shot is characterized by an out-of-focus light quality that usually separates a blurry background image from the subject. The bokeh blur quality creates an aesthetic effect to highlight the subject of the photograph. It is a popular approach in portrait photography and is particularly gaining popularity now with phone selfies.


The Moto g5s plus makes bokeh shots easy as one-two-three. Its selective focus mode allows users to achieve that blurred background effect for bokeh-quality photos.


Play with different orientations



Create memorable Christmas photos by exploring different orientations. In relation to bokeh shots, better use of depth of field will lead to nicer-looking shots.


The Moto g5s plus enhances users’ photography experience with its depth enable mode. This special mode lets users tap on the screen and use the exposure ring to change the focus. The slider on the bottom adjusts the blur effect depending on the desired drama effect for the photo.


Up holiday image quality with good exposure levels



Be it a daytime get-together or an evening holiday affair, make sure to get clear photos through proper use of exposure, or the measure of how light or dark an image is.


Exposure compensation lets users alter the exposure of an image to make it brighter or darker. This can be done by using photo editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed or the built-in editing options of Instagram.


The Moto g5s plus also features settings for manual focus, white balance, shutter speed and ISO. In addition, its rear cameras have color balancing dual-LED flash for better photo quality.


Get sharp images all the time


Produce professional-quality Christmas snaps perfect for giving away as family greeting cards or making holiday albums. Master the use of the aperture, the size of the opening in the lens measured in f-stops, to control how much light goes in the photo, which affects how bright the rendered image will be. The larger the diameter of the aperture, the more light reaches the image sensor.


The Moto g5s plus has an f/2.0 aperture. This means more light reaches the sensor. The camera can perform better in low-light conditions with its increased shutter speed. This eliminates camera shake and motion blur.


Share wonderful Christmas stories through photos


Besides maximizing the smartphone’s camera features, knowing a technique or two helps in producing perfect photos. Channel professional photographers by following the rule of thirds to add story and drama to pictures.


Divide the image into three parts both horizontally and vertically. Placing the subject of the photo at one of the edges, for example, creates a direction for the eyes to follow and makes the viewer linger on the image longer as opposed to having the subject in the middle of the photo, which creates a static feel.


Besides mastering photography terms and techniques, creating wonderful photos means having the perfect gadget partner. The Moto g5s plus lets users instantly capture holiday photos with professional-level quality without leaving a hole in the pocket. The smartphone packs an 8MP wide-angle front camera with an LED flash and a new panoramic mode to capture even more moments.


To complement its strong camera features, the Moto g5s plus can outlast any Christmas gathering or travel with its 3,000mAh all-day battery. Stylish enough to match holiday OOTDs, it features an impressive all-metal unibody design and a 5.5-inch full-HD display.­­



The Moto g5s plus, priced at Php14,999, will be available in all Motorola retail stores and via Lazada. Learn more about the Moto g5s plus here. This Christmas, the Moto G5s Plus comes with a FREE water and dust-resistant and shock-proof Bluetooth speaker for anywhere entertainment.


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