The newest wing for Curse of Naxxramas has just opened for players in the EU region, so while we wait for NA access, let’s...

The newest wing for Curse of Naxxramas has just opened for players in the EU region, so while we wait for NA access, let’s meet the bosses!

The Construct Quarter is almost upon us (if you’re playing in NA or in the Philippines), and it brings something new to the table: four bosses instead of the usual three! And as always, finishing Normal Mode rewards you with new cards while finishing Heroic Mode gets you one step closer to the Naxxramas card back. In the meantime, let’s get into the bosses for this quarter:

1. Patchwerk
First up on our hit list is Patchwerk. His Hateful Strike ability destroys a minion, regardless of health and his weapon of choice is the Hook, a 5/8 weapon that has returns to his hand, ready to be used again. In Heroic Mode, the Hook is a 4/8, but with Windfury added to its abilities!

Disposing of Patchwerk rewards the player with two copies of Undertaker.

2. Grobbulus
Grobbulus is a tricky boss, thanks to his Poison Cloud ability, which deals 1 damage to all minions (2 damage in Heroic Mode). If any die from the effect, 2/2 Fallout Slimes are summoned. He also casts Mutating Injection, which gives a minion +4/+4 and Taunt, making his creatures less prone to the Poison Cloud (and more trouble for you).

Disposing of Grobbulus rewards the player with two copies of Mad Scientist.

3. Gluth
Gluth can run amok fairly quickly if left unchecked. He can equip Jaws, which is a weapon that gains +2 Attack whenever a minion with Deathrattle dies. If that’s not really something to be mindful off, he also casts Enrage, which gives him +6 Attack. Acidic Swamp Ooze will play an important factor in this matchup, as well as lessening the cards in your deck with Deathrattle to minimize the chances of his Jaws powering up.

Disposing of Gluth rewards the player with two copies of Zombie Chow.

4. Thaddius
The main event is Thaddius, and his Hero Power, Polarity Shift, needs careful consideration, especially when dropping minions on the board. Polarity Shift swaps the attack and health of all minions, and Thaddius will use this ability every turn. Keep that in mind when using minions with zero attack values (like Lightwell) because the moment he starts his turn, that card will die. He also uses Supercharge, which gives all minions he controls +2 health. In Heroic Mode, Thaddius will also drop Feugen and Stalagg.

Disposing of Thaddeus will reward players with two copies of Wailing Soul, as well as Feugen and Stalagg (when both die, they summon an 11/11 Thaddius).

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