Another week, Curse of Naxxramas wing opens! Check out the three bosses waiting for you on the other side! There’s no rest for the...

Another week, Curse of Naxxramas wing opens! Check out the three bosses waiting for you on the other side!

There’s no rest for the weary. After the purchasing fiasco that happened with the Plague Quarter (and subsequent quarters, actually), it’s just now that many local players have cleared the wing. The respite will be brief, because the Military Quarter opens its doors on August 5 (6, if you’re in the Philippines)! Here are the new bosses you’ll encounter:

1. Instructor Razuvious
First up is the Instructor, and he’s not to be taken lightly. His ability is pretty much like Loatheb‘s, but this time around, it’s to a minion or a character. His unique playstyle nets you a Mind Control Crystal, which lets you take control of his unique minion, the 0/7 Taunting Understudy. Watch out for his Massive Runeblade, as this weapon deals double damage to heroes at only 3 mana!

Defeating Instructor Razuvious will net you two copies of Dancing Swords.

2. Gothik the Harvester
Next up on the list if the dwarf boss, and he’s also no pushover. Gothik‘s ability is like a Ramp Druid on steroids, gaining him not only a card, but a mana crystal too! His minions are a little manageable when it comes to their attack values, but the Unrelenting Trainee, Unrelenting Warrior, and Unrelenting Rider all give you a Spectral equivalent of themselves as a Deathrattle effect. The Spectrals all have zero attack and deal you 1 damage a turn, so be careful not to accumulate too many Spectrals!

Defeating Gothik the Harvester nets you two copies of Spectral Knight.

3. Baron Rivendare
Last but not least is the good Baron. While Heroic Baron Rivendare only has 14 health, knocking him down for good might not be an easy task, especially once he summons Lady Blaumeux, Sir Zeliek, or Thanke Korth’azz, the Horsemen. They don’t have much punching power, but they do have 7 health each, and make the Baron Immune. Killing them might be the best way to go, but that only serves to power up his Runeblade, which gets +3 or +6 Attack when the other Horsemen are dead.

Defeating Baron Rivendare rewards you two copies of Deathlord and the Legendary card Baron Rivendare.

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