Are you ready for the next section of Curse of Naxxramas to open? The three new bosses waiting for you are here! The China...


Are you ready for the next section of Curse of Naxxramas to open? The three new bosses waiting for you are here!

The China server players get the new Plague Wing of Curse of Naxxramas first, while the NA servers get it last. Locally, that’s Wednesday night (thereabouts). We’re excited to get on with the card-slinging, so here are the three new bosses you’ll encounter when you head back into the necropolis.

1. Noth the Plaguebringer
Curse of Naxxramas brings to us a character with a passive ability in Noth. He summons a 1/1 or a 5/5 Skeleton whenever a minion dies. To back him up, Noth uses Plague on the 6th turn, which destroys all non-Skeleton minions! Better pack those big bruisers for this one!

Defeating Noth rewards you with a set of Stoneskin Gargoyles.

2. Heigan the Unclean
Next up is Heigan and, thematically similar with his World of Warcraft counterpart, he likes to rip the floor apart. Heigan’s hero ability deals two damage to your leftmost minion, so a Stoneskin Gargolye might be a good addition to your deck. Heigan also uses Mindpocalypse, a spell that nets both of you a mana crystal and two cards. Fatigue may be a scenario, so make sure you’re prepared.

Deafeating Heigan nets you a set of Unstable Ghouls.

3. Loatheb
Last up is probably a boss that’s trickier to deal with than Maexxna. Loatheb’s hero ability lets him deal three damage straight to your face. As if that’s not enough, Heroic Loatheb starts out at 99 health versus your 30. He also has a unique set of cards that players can exploit: Deathbloom and Sporeburst. Deathbloom deals 5 damage to a minion while Sporeburst deals one damage to all minions. These cards, however, put Spores into play. A Spore is a 0/1 minion that has Deathrattle: Give all enemy minions +8 Attack. The attack boost should be able to help players knock his health down, since it is possible to be able to kill multiple spores at the same time, giving your minions a massive attack boost.

Defeating Loatheb gains you Legendary Loatheb and two copies of Sludge Belcher.

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