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From the guy that brought you the OTK Warrior so many months ago in Beta, BadRazor returns with a reworked deck using the same... DECK TECH | Razor’s Math Warrior

From the guy that brought you the OTK Warrior so many months ago in Beta, BadRazor returns with a reworked deck using the same concept.

Once upon a time, Warsong Commander figured prominently in a One Turn Kill (OTK) Warrior deck. During beta, the Commander’s ability simply gave Charge to all friendly minions. All the Warrior player had to do was take damage (not so much damage thanks to Armor Up!), get his health to 10, play a Commander followed by free Molten Giants, and finish the game. That deck came with many cards that can boost attack like Inner Rage or even bounce the Giants back via Brewmasters, both Youthful and Ancient.

That deck became so popular that the Warsong Commander got nerfed to its current incarnation. This time around, the combo involved the Commander and Frothing Berzerker having Charge before you start increasing it’s attack (Warsong Commander’s ability triggers as soon as the minion is summoned, so Berzerker gets Charge). Post Naxxramas, this kind of deck has been made viable again (reach Legendary rank) by the very same person that started the trend in the first place.

Before we look into the inner workings of the deck, check out the decklist:

People familiar with Control Warrior know that the deck got some boosts from Naxxramas cards like Unstable Ghoul and Death’s Bite. Both of these cards produce a Whirlwind-type effect of damaging everything on the board, helping out Armorsmith proc, giving the Control Warrior a ton of armor on a full board of minions. In the Math Warrior however, these cards are used to proc your main offense: Frothing Berzerker.

The deck wins by putting down the Warsong Commander and Frothing Berzerker, followed by the hopeful popping of the Ghoul and Death’s Bite, plus Inner Rage to pump the Berzerker to lethal damage level and going in for the kill. Cards like Grommash Hellscream and Ragnaros the Firelord are also there to help speed things along and serves as an alternate win condition.

The tech of the deck is Battle Rage. Combined with the effects of the Ghoul and Death’s Bite, Battle Rage can give you a significant card advantage. Since this is a Combo deck and not a Control deck, you will need to be explosive in your card draw to set up the lethal play.

Another quirk of the deck is all the counting you will need to do. Since the Berzerker procs off of all damage taken by all minions, you will need to be able to count quickly; hence the name of the deck. I imagine Nozdormu from either side of the board will make for fun times with the extreme counting you will need to do.

This deck is a combo deck. It won’t be successful if played as a control deck first then combo. Like Miracle Rogue, you won’t do so much interaction with the opponent’s minions outside of removing the biggest threats. You will want to start whittling the opponent’s health down so you can get into lethal range, which is about early to mid twenties. Remember that you want a lot of minions on the board in order for your Unstable Ghoul and Death’s Bite to get the most Whirlwind damage!

For more info on the deck and to see the deck in action, check out Razor’s Reddit post and Twitch page.

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