Ford Philippines launches a smarter Focus with EcoBoost Ford Philippines launches a smarter Focus with EcoBoost
The new Ford Focus has hit the market today, and it’s not just any kind of minor model change. The car boasts an edgy... Ford Philippines launches a smarter Focus with EcoBoost

The new Ford Focus has hit the market today, and it’s not just any kind of minor model change. The car boasts an edgy but refined look, an EcoBoost engine, and a lot of smart features.

Ford is on a streak lately, thanks to great offerings in the form of the latest generation Fiesta and the new kid on the block, the EcoSport. This time around, the company updates one of their most popular models, the Focus, with a refreshed look and features that highlight a philosophy that is uniquely Ford’s.

A new design

Ford has updated their overarching aesthetics with their models, emphasizing sleek edges, geometric grills, and overall, a more muscular look. The New Focus takes a cue from this statement with its lines as well as its stance: lower, wider, and longer at the front. From there, the lines sweep along the sides that end in a statement rear: thinner tail lamps, a sleek tailgate arrangement, and a spoiler to top it all off.


The New Focus represents the product of client feedback. The reorganized instrument panel has all the features grouped together for the driver’s convenience, resulting in more intuitive controls. One particular quirk for the New Focus is that the Engine Start/Stop button takes a while to find. Beyond that, the interiors offer more comfortable space for the driver and passengers plus a slew of cleverly-designed storage areas for your sunglasses, cups, and other travel essentials.

Driver Assist Technology

Perhaps the feature that takes getting used to is the New Focus’s Enhanced Active Park Assist. A button press has the car assisting you in looking for a parking slot. Not only that, the New Focus gives you the option of having it park itself, assisted only by your foot on the brakes. The car’s multiple sensors allow it to navigate itself by measuring distance and by taking control of the steering wheel. The car is programmed for perpendicular and parallel parking.
When you’ve parked in a parallel parking slot, the car also gives the option of assisting you move out of it using the same sensor technology to determine the best way to move. Be sure to NOT hold the steering wheel during Assist mode and always have your foot on the brake.

Efficient but powerful

The New Focus boasts a 1.5L four-cylinder EcoBoost engine, offering 180 PS of power and 240 Nm of torque. According to Ford, it’s more powerful than a naturally-aspirated 2.0L engine. An integrated intake manifold design borrowed from the 1.0L EcoBoost improves air-to-fuel ratio and cooling while reducing turbo lag for rapid torque delivery. To go with an efficient engine, Ford put in a lightweight six-speed automatic transmission system into the New Focus.

When it comes to handling, the New Focus feels light and springy, as if it really wants to go forward quickly. Handling is a breeze, even when the car is subjected to multiple tight corners, thanks to the Electric Power Assisted Steering system, allowing drivers precise control of the vehicle at all times. Stopping power has been improved in the New Focus, allowing for better control. The Active City Stop system greatly increases safety by minimizing low impact collisions by having the car automatically decrease torque and engage the brakes when the driver fails to react to a stationary vehicle or obstacle in front of it.

The New Focus is now available with four variants and price points:
–    1.5L Focus GDTI EcoBoost Sport+ AT                      P1,278,000
–    1.5L Focus GDTI EcoBoost Titanium Sport+ AT    P1,278,000
–    1.5L Focus GDTI EcoBoost Sport AT                        P1,088,000
–    1.5L Focus GDTI EcoBoost Titanium AT                 P1,088,000
The New Focus comes in eight color variants: Frozen White, Panther Black, Ingot Silver, Winning Blue, Magnetic Metallic, Lunar Sky, Candy Red, and Mustard Olive.

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