Huawei P20’s Smartphone Camera Technology Explained Huawei P20’s Smartphone Camera Technology Explained
With several innovations to offer, the P20 Series is created to give everyone a chance to enjoy photography without having to buy a professional... Huawei P20’s Smartphone Camera Technology Explained

The P20 Series captures what you see at its finest. With several innovations to offer, the P20 Series is created to give everyone a chance to enjoy photography without having to buy a professional camera. The Huawei P20 Pro, in particular, has gone all in on its camera abilities. The device has three camera lenses on the back of the phone, one of which has a 40-megapixel co-engineered with Leica camera, an advanced image and color temperature sensor, a 4D predictive focus, a 3x and 5x hybrid zoom, and a newly developed technology, Master AI, to automatically suit different lighting conditions and is able to read camera data in real time.


Huawei P20 Series is the leading camera system


So far, Huawei P20 Pro has the industry’s largest CMOS image sensor (1/1.7 inch) to date, which is 2.5 times and 2.7 times larger than the sensors on Galaxy S9+ (1/2.55 inch) and iPhone X (1/2.8 inch) respectively. The massive sensor allows for more detailed images as well as a virtual bokeh effect, which is rarely offered in today’s mainstream devices.



Huawei’s desire to offer its consumers the best makes them even more creative and motivated. As Huawei’s latest flagship smartphone, the P20 Series, plays by its own rules. Compared to other modern smartphones, P20’s most outstanding feature has to be its groundbreaking triple camera set up. Beside focusing on how clear your photos will be, Huawei focused on improving the performance of the camera in low light and have succeeded in that – enabling the P20 series to shoot clear photos in extreme dark scenarios and still capture those where even the human has a problem seeing clearly in.



Another important feature that Huawei have perfected is its zooming capabilities. Huawei raised the bar by greatly enhancing the 3x zoom and a 5x hybrid zoom particularly on the P20 Pro. (10x digital zoom is also available.)



For example, for anything beyond 3x zoom, the third lens automatically kicks into action. Huawei’s engineers made sure to achieve the synchronization of auto-exposure, auto white balance calculation and autofocus, resulting in the perfection we see today in the P20 devices. Even in 5x zoom, the P20 series can still reproduce the true colors of objects, as well as accurately present the finest details in a photo.


Living in an era where we want to capture real time moments, we always aim to capture every moment we deem worth capturing without it being blurry and unfocused. Thanks to Huawei’s instant shutter, the P20 Series has minimal shutter lag, letting you capture exactly what you see. Let us examine what makes it significant.



They say that the reason behind unfocused shots are slow autofocus and poor tracking among them. Fortunately, the P20 Series now have a choice – the 4D predictive focus. True to its name, the 4D predictive focus means that the objects’ motions can be tracked accurately and quickly and can detect objects to 3 meters far.


Also, the P20 Series apply the brand-new technology named AIS (AI Image Stabilization) in the night scene mode, allowing users to shoot superb night shoot by carrying out continuous exposure for up to 6 seconds in hand-held manner. It uses AI technology to analyze, sort out features from each image, recognize shapes and edges of objects, and at the end automatically captures images with a four-second exposure time. With AI algorithms, Master AI filters and corrects handshakes that cause tilted or blurry images; builds superimposes images and balances each element of photography to obtain a perfect night shot.



With the P20 Series, Huawei has finally stepped ahead of its competitors. Not only does it have an incredible camera, the phone is also beautifully designed, and it comes with tons of amazing features.


“We are used to every new smartphone camera generation being slightly better than the previous one but looking at the smartphone camera generation being slightly better than the previous one but looking at the images and rest results from the P20 Pro, it seems Huawei has skipped one or two generations. The results are simply that good. The P20 Pro’s triple camera setup is the biggest innovation we have seen in mobile imaging for quite some time and is a real game changer.” – DxO


The Huawei P20 series is now available in the Philippines. For more information about the P20 line and other Huawei devices in the Philippines, you may check out


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