KOF Final Battle – AllStar: Best Fighter Combinations KOF Final Battle – AllStar: Best Fighter Combinations
With so many fighters in KOF All Star - Final Battle, here's a quick guide on how to buildi an effective team and who... KOF Final Battle – AllStar: Best Fighter Combinations

It’s been around a week since KOF Final Battle – AllStar launched and already the PvP leaderboards are dominated by teams that have almost 100,000 Power. With so many fighters
available in the game, players have the ability to endlessly mix and match their team members to create the best possible combinations.

Don’t forget to make sure you have your pre-registration rewards!

KOF Final Battle - AllStar

We all have to start somewhere, so while putting in your high-rarity fighters into one team is a logical strategy when you’re starting, there will always come an opponent that has a more refined win condition that will beat brute force. Before we get into the best fighter combinations, here are a few tips that players of any level will appreciate, whether they are Free to Play or have spent in the game.

Build a balanced team

Since there are six fighter slots in the game, players who are starting out should be working with a balanced team in mind. Different fighters have different roles in the game, and knowing this can make or break your journey.

KOF Final Battle - AllStar

Don’t immediately discard the fighters you get at the start of the game outright. They are given for a reason, and that should be telling. Early in the game you’ll get Goro and Benimaru, two fighters with two different roles in the team. Goro is a tank-type and should be placed in the front row, since his abilities increase his defense and gets a shield. Benimaru on the other hand, has high attack damage and can apply Paralysis. This helps out especially if you want to keep a powerful unit from attacking.

You’ll also get Mai and Athena fairly early. While Kyo is your single-target DPS type of fighter, Mai excels in doing high area of effect damage, perfect for chipping away at a high priority target while getting rid of mobs. Athena plays a more supportive role, able to heal teammates with her Special Move and also getting rid of debuffs.

KOF Final Battle - AllStar

Your sixth member should come from your pulls, and would probably be a wise addition to the team. We were able to get Chin and Joe. Chin is able to apply a Burning debuff to enemies in a randomized area of effect, while Joe’s Special Move pierces the enemy backline. Be aware of moves like this and be sure to target the front row for maximum effect.

Level up your Team Evenly

While the desire to pump all resources and materials into one or two fighters will be great, do note that as the fights get harder, the more dangerous it will get for your underpowered fighters. Try to level your main team evenly so that you won’t get more than two KOs when in a fight. This also helps you get the maximum rewards from doing fights.

KOF Final Battle - AllStar

Early in the game it will seem like making Kyo or your SSR unit more powerful than the rest the best course of action to take, but later in the story mode, more enemies will have debuffs or self-heals that will totally negate Kyo’s Special Move. Remember, the longer your team is able to fight, the more damage you can do against enemies.

Fighter Combinations to consider

With those tips, you should be able to make the most out of your fighters while you wait for RNGesus to smile on you with great pulls. But who are the fighters you should look out for when building your team? Here are a few suggestions:

Iori, Kyo, Robert, Nakoruru, Terry, and Mai

This team is currently on top of the Power leaderboards and is an example of complementary strategies from individual fighters. Iori dishes out Bleeding on enemies, while Nakoruru’s attacks become stronger when enemies are already bleeding. Combine that with Burning from Kyo, Terry, and Mai, and you have a debuff team that’s strong against tankier fighters as well as self-healers. This team also works well when fights take longer as your Bleeding and Burning combined will be able to tick them down.

KOF Final Battle – AllStar has just been released so players are still finding out new fighter combinations and how to utilize the unique Special Moves in order to win fights quickly. As the game receives more updates, expect fighters to be buffed and for more unique combinations to be unlocked!

KOF Final Battle – AllStar is now available on both iOS and Android. Download the game through this link. For more info on KOF
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