Everyone can now get the chance to try out the newest MOBA to hit the local gaming scene: Strife! What’s cool about it? Read...

Everyone can now get the chance to try out the newest MOBA to hit the local gaming scene: Strife! What’s cool about it? Read on to find out!

Massive Online Battle Arena games—or MOBAs—have been around for quite some time. Defense of the Ancients, a custom map of Warcraft, started it all, and people jumped into it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it became a whole new game genre in itself.

Fast forward to today, when Strife moves on to Open Beta phase. While most might dismiss it as “just another MOBA”, check out some cool features that this game actually started; features other titles of its kind are slowly incorporating into their own games:

1. Shared gold
A team game should promote teamwork. In Strife, gold earned through delivering the last hit on mobs (called Brawlers) is shared. There’s no need to compete for who gets the last hit, as everyone gets a piece of the pot to get them closer to spending on items they need to become stronger.

2. Pet system
Strife has implemented the use of pets. These critters give you an added ability with its own hotkey, and can be used whenever it’s off its cooldown. Each match you play in Strife earns you points that can be spent unlocking pets. Pets also level up with you as a player, so the more you play with your chosen pet, the stronger it gets.

3. Crafting system
Items can be bought to augment your hero in-game, and can be delivered by a courier. While that’s pretty standard fare for a MOBA, Strife takes it a step further by allowing you the freedom to modify an existing recipe of an item. By changing the ingredients that go into a recipe, you can change the stats of the final item, giving players the freedom to tailor their items to their specific playstyle.

All these innovations are geared towards lessening player toxicity which is promoted by other MOBAs. By encouraging team play and increasing customization, S2Games, makers of Strife, hope that gamers will be able to take their platform to great heights without the ragequits or salty feedback.

Players in the Philippines can join in the fun by downloading the client here and by joining the local community on Facebook here. Strife is brought to the Philippines thanks to Asiasoft.

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