New Play-To-Earn Game Metaelf Land Is Coming Soon New Play-To-Earn Game Metaelf Land Is Coming Soon
Metaelf Land is the newest play-to-earn game that combines PvE, PvP, and different earning systems to suit your gameplay preferences! New Play-To-Earn Game Metaelf Land Is Coming Soon

Metaelf Land is a virtual adventure world where players can purchase or breed a variety of Metaelves, fight alongside them in the adventure world, and get more rewards through the in-game Dailies, PVE, and PVP systems. The game will offer a play-to-earn gaming experience that is based on blockchain technology. You can gather your friends, form a team, battle with other players and earn money with just your Metaelves.

Play-to-earn according to your choice

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All types of players are welcome to play. The game is expected to offer a wide variety of gaming experiences wherein you can earn while you enjoy your desired gameplay!

The gameplay features to reward players for key actions within the ecosystem are:
● Compete and win in the arena
● Win a match in the arena
● Make an exchange through the Metaelf land NFT/FT market
● Breed a Metaelf and sell it.
● Unleashed playing strategies and functions of Metaelf land

Metaelf Land ecosystem

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Get ready to have a blast! Start your adventure by breeding your Metaelves in this open-ended virtual adventure world! The main design framework of the game is created with the goal of providing the players with a fair and healthy environment where they can enjoy and earn rewards. The core team will work with the community to build features for the game assets related to the Metaelf Land brand.

The Metaverse Tournament

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Step up your game and be competitive in combat! The Metaverse Tournament or TMT is the Battle System of Metaelf Land that is perfect for competitive gaming and esports. Players can expect outstanding gaming experience and fair arena gameplay in this game feature. They enter the Arena without carrying their own Metaelves, but use the Metaelves provided by the Arena to fight. The Prize pool for this gaming tournament is based on the number of players. As the number of players increases, the prize pool will also be bigger.

How to earn

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Play to Earn is the main feature of Metaelf Land. The goal is to attract a wide range of players to join the ecosystem and receive token rewards, grant ownership and shares to the most active community members.

MetaElf Land Token (MELT) is the governing currency of the game. MELT can also be transferred and traded as the basis for in-game trading. It can be earned by competing and winning in the arena, exchanging through the Metaelf land NFT/FT market, breeding and selling a Metaelf, and unleashing features of the game that have not yet been announced.

Fair value of your virtual assets

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In the current gaming market, centralized ownership and control of user-generated content limits player rights and ownership. Central control over player-created virtual goods trading limits the fair value of virtual assets they create, especially when content is copied, altered, and constructed, making it difficult to prove ownership of virtual assets. Through Metaelf Land, the goal is to overcome these limitations while accelerating blockchain adoption to grow the blockchain gaming market. It will be done by building a metaversymic gaming community where players can play, share, collect, trade, and create without central control, enjoying secure ownership of the ability to earn cryptocurrency. This copyright attribution will be established and guaranteed through the use of NFTs, where each in-game item will have a unique and immutable blockchain identifier.

Gamers can expect the game to launch soon. For more information, check out the official Metaelf Land website.

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