Patch 0.35/1.5.0 is now out for Pokemon GO Patch 0.35/1.5.0 is now out for Pokemon GO
There's a new Pokemon GO patch that will really help players learn more about the hidden stats of their Pokemon. Patch 0.35/1.5.0 is now out for Pokemon GO

Ever since the game launched a couple of weeks back, Pokemon GO has had a couple of quality of life changes. This time around, Patch 0.35.0 for Android and 1.5.0 for iOS brings with it the usual bot fixes but a very informative update. It concerns three familiar people you have met in-game:

twenty8two-pokemonpatch-landscape-interior-01The patch details the inclusion of something called Pokémon Appraisal. Candela, Blanche, and Spark (depending on what team you join) will be on hand to help you determine if a Pokemon you captured is battle-worthy or not. Its attack and defense values will be shown, a previously-hidden set of stats (including stamina) that game researchers like The Silph Road have been dutifully chronicling on their site.

twenty8two-pokemonpatch-landscape-interior-02With the new patch, you can see if a high CP Pokemon you caught is worth powering up or to just keep for guarding gyms. Here’s hoping the patch goes live soon to be able to help people make informed decisions on whether or not to keep Pokemon or not.


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