twenty8two Launches Streaming Toolkit for Gamers Launches Streaming Toolkit for Gamers has released a wealth of tools to help you stream your games faster and easier. Launches Streaming Toolkit for Gamers

Livestreaming is definitely a thing now thanks to Twitch leading the way for other platforms to follow the trend. YouTube and Facebook have had their streaming services for a while now but when it comes to gaming, the boys in purple have definitely gotten a major foothold in the market.

While a lot of gamers stream part of full time, there are a lot more things that happen behind the scenes. Setting up your stream alone can take a while with a big chuck of it dedicated to research and trial and error. To this end,, the social media platform of streaming software brand XSplit, has developed their “Create” section, an area for content creators to be able to get their front end streaming set up ready to go at a fraction of the time.

Check out the “Create” video here:

The ‘Create’ section includes a web based overlay system which allows creators to not only select from hundreds of professionally designed overlays but also gives them an easy to use editor to customize them to their precise needs. The overlays and editor come with built-in widgets for all the alerts and notifications that a creator might want to show off on their live stream. Think of it like a web based photoshop for overlays, without the need for photoshop skills.

Also included in the toolkit is a streamer dashboard for keeping track of all your live streaming events, stats and donations. The dashboard feature is also available on the mobile app (both iOS and Android).

The launch of’s Create section signals the company’s first step towards releasing their upcoming desktop application, which they call ‘The ultimate platform for content creators’, which was announced in March 2017.

John Howe-Marshall, Chief Marketing Officer of SplitmediaLabs, said “Our experience in the content creation market has shown that there are three main areas we can help, both new and experienced, content creators to be successful. We can give them tools that make it easier to create, we can give them tools that make that content more engaging for their audience and we can help them to grow their audience in a meaningful way.”

He continued “Player Create is our first step towards our goal of satisfying those 3 core needs for the creators whether they use XSplit or OBS. So now with the create section, we’ve made it much easier for all the creators out there to create more engaging content for their audience.”

The Player Create overlay system is web based and therefore allows creators to access them anywhere, at any time, and they’re compatible with all major streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Mixer. The platform also launches with hundreds of specifically designed overlays for all the major gaming titles including League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA 2, PUBG, Overwatch and more.

Luke “LTZonda” Taylor, Brand Ambassador for XSplit &, said: “I have had the pleasure of working closely with the XSplit team for many years, but when I first saw at the behind closed door event in London, I was immediately excited by the proposition of the platform & how it can benefit streamers & their communities. I’ve personally built up an amazing community over the years and it would have been much easier if I’d had some of these tools readily available to me to not only help build my community, but to also improve my stream with Player Create. The team behind the platform have been at the forefront of live streaming since the beginning and they care about content creators. This is why I joined the team as an official brand ambassador and why I’m looking to encourage more content creators to sign up to help shape the platform into something that works for everyone.” is in open development with a dynamic community that tests new features and provides insight and feedback. If you are interested in testing the latest tools you can join the team at Twitchcon, at booth 6A/6B in the Streamer Workshop area or sign up at and join them on their mission to create the world’s first connected content creation platform for the gaming community.

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