The Construct Wing opened yesterday for players from all servers, and while we didn’t get a speed clear, we were able to finish all...

The Construct Wing opened yesterday for players from all servers, and while we didn’t get a speed clear, we were able to finish all bosses and challenges in Normal and Heroic faster than all my other boss attempts. Read on to see the decks we used.

A new week, a new wing. Curse of Naxxramas‘ Construct Quarter doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in terms of game mechanics, Blizzard just upped the number of bosses to four and kept the formula of easy Normal Mode, salt-shovelin’ Heroic Mode. However, this wing proved to be the fastest raid yet, thanks to luck.

Normal Mode was cleared thanks to the trusty Underpowered Ramp Druid (TM). Normal Thaddius was the fastest last boss cleared in six turns.

Heroic Mode was a different affair. Several classes were employed to deal with the bosses, as with any RPG raid. Mage, Paladin, and Priest worked together to victory!

1. Patchwerk

Patch was dealt with thanks to a combination of fast minions, cheap Taunts from Mirror Image, and a well-timed Duplicate. Mad Scientist helped as well to fish for an Ice Barrier. Acidic Swamp Ooze isn’t really good by itself, and you’re better off having Taunts soak up Patch’s double attacks.

If possible, Taunt the Coldlight Oracle then have Duplicate at the ready so Patchwerk takes a lot of Fatigue damage on your succeeding turns thanks to the Coldlight dying to his attack and you getting more Coldlights.

2. Grobbulus

Grob was defeated thanks to a standard DIY Giant Minion Priest. Lightwells early in the game help give you free heals, while Northshire Cleric give cards. Take it nice and slow, and think about how best to deal with the minions on his side while building your giant minion.

Oasis Snapjaw, Injured Blademaster, and Lightwell all make good giants. Just be sure to heal up and don’t let your turn end with your minions below three health. Beware of double Heroic Strike!

Always count and recount your mana, and check if you have lethal next turn. It’s a lesson hard-learned. And don’t be afraid to cheese the opponent with a Holy Fire to the face.

3. Gluth

Heroic Gluth was just begging for a Paladin to step up to his face. Since Paladin has access to Equality, feel free to use it against the boss in conjunction with Wild Pyromancer. Drop down Taunt minions as best you can while healing up.

There are always creative ways in clearing the board, just be sure to keep dropping minions and using your Hero Power to be able to deal with his minions and keep the damage going.

4. Thaddius

Thaddius in Heroic Mode can be a pain, unlike the more enjoyable Normal Mode version. He summons Feugen and Stalagg on his first turn, so you will need to mitigate a total of 11 damage quickly. Unstable Ghoul helps lower their health early, so when the boss does the swap, you’re getting less damage.

Use Wild Pyromancer, Equality, and Consecrate to clear his board and pop your Nerubian Egg so you can start dealing damage. Feugen and Stalagg will die easily from your board clear spells. After that, it’s just a matter of controlling the board and dropping minions that can go for his face.

Be conscious of his Heroic Ability. Casting Humility now can help secure a kill with Elven Archer on the turn your current one. Always think ahead and calculate how much damage he can deal on his turn by looking at the health of minions. It’s okay to throw your guys at his high attack minion now because you’ll receive less damage that way.

Don’t forget to top up your health with Zombie Chow. Try to chip away at their health to keep them from being a big threat and kill them only when you need the health. And don’t forget to use Blessing of Wisdom on your uber minion or his 1/1 minion (hopefully the Zombie Chow you’ve reduced to a manageable size since it will be the last to die).

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