With Anub’Rekhan in pieces, I delve deeper into the Arachnid Quarter. Next up on my list is Grand Widow Faerlina, for which I whipped...


With Anub’Rekhan in pieces, I delve deeper into the Arachnid Quarter. Next up on my list is Grand Widow Faerlina, for which I whipped out a Zoo deck with a few new cards!

For Heroic Grand Widow Faerlina, I opted to try the fast and furious approach with all cannons out and bearing down on her. But first up, Faerlina has a few unique conditions that must be considered.

Hero Power and Worshipper

Faerlina’s threat comes two ways. First, her hero power Rain of Fire, costs only one mana but does the same as her normal ability, which is to randomly deal one damage to anything on your board depending on the number of cards in your hand. That’s fine and can be managed, but the Worshipper (sic) she summons causes her to have +3 attack. Even one Worshipper in play means a possible tempo swing in her favor.

The deck

In honor of the seventh episode of Sodium Sessions, I decided to try and build a “Naxx Zoo” given the cards that I have. Here’s the decklist:


The deck is a retooled version of the old favorite, with cards like Shieldbearer swapped out in favor of the new Naxx cards, specifically Haunted Creeper and Nerubian Egg. The deck still retains the aggressive mindset backed by low-cost attackers and attack-buffing support minions to effectively take down anything Faerlina drops on the board.


Faerlina’s hero power can be played around by emptying your hand as fast as possible, denying her the ability to take out your minions. While that seems simple enough, early game minions usually have low health, and can die to her early Rain of Fire. 

Fortunately, Nerubian Egg and Haunted Creeper both want to get destroyed, which plays off very well with Rain of Fire. You’d want to get those, or any resilient minion like Argent Squire or Harvest Golem in your opening hand and on the board early.

The key with Zoo, is not just go for the face. Zoo has buffing minions like Abusive Sergeant, Defender of Argus, and Dark Iron Dwarf to increase your damage output enough to take out key threats. Identifying these key threats in a controlled environment like Faerlina’s stage can really help you practice this skill, which is very important when you’re ranking and participating in tournaments.

For Faerlina, the Worshipper falls in the key threats category. You’d want to take it out as fast as possible, before more of them show up and give their master a pretty painful attack.

Budget Swaps

Don’t let the Leeroy Jenkins in the deck fool you into thinking this deck isn’t a budget deck. I did not have an extra Doomguard in my cardpool but had a Leeroy already, so I opted him in. Two Doomguards are in fact, in the official decklist for Naxx Zoo. If you don’t have Doomguards, Arcane Golem, Argent Commander, or Wolfrider can all be swapped in.

You can even use Power Overwhelming in the deck, as a finisher or to enable Nerubian Egg!

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