After a few sputtering starts and a ton of disconnects, the Military Quarter for Curse of Naxxramas has been completed! Salt levels were very...


After a few sputtering starts and a ton of disconnects, the Military Quarter for Curse of Naxxramas has been completed! Salt levels were very high but we push on.

As we’re almost halfway done with the 5-week Curse of Naxxramas adventure, a few things become apparent:

1. Priest is becoming a very popular class to play.
2. Players need good/semi-perfect openings and lucky draws.

For Heroic Military Quarter, I decided to learn more about Priest and was surprised that even a budget deck (no Legendaries and Epics) can clear the bosses. However, I did not want to go all-out with the class and vowed to defeat at least one boss with a different class. Check out the decklists and strategies below!

1. Instructor Razuvious

For the Instructor, I used a F2P deck. The strategy is pretty simple: Take control of the Understudy minions to soak up his weapon attack, keep healing them, and use Inner Fire to go on the offensive. You’d really want an Acidic Swamp Ooze at the ready to melt his Massive Runeblade. If you’re lucky like this guy, you can Mind Vision his Runeblades to wreck his face! 


I wasn’t so lucky, so I had to do it the more roundabout way. Still, nothing beats the feeling of dealing 20 damage to the face with a giant sword, Cloud-style!

2. Gothik the Harvester


Gothik was perhaps the most annoying and infuriating of all the bosses. His ramp ability far outpaces the Druid, and it snowballs out of control if you don’t have a balance of board clears and a way to buff the Spectrals you inevitably control. For this one, I resolved NOT to use Priest, and instead used a class that has a balance of healing and damage: Paladin.

While the initial goal I had in mind was to stall him until he takes Fatigue damage, I realized I can heal and go on the offensive on the same turn. Every single point of damage to his face counts, and strategic use of Equality, Consecration, Wild Pyromancer, and your taunters/buffers all go hand-in-hand to take him down. 


You’d want a Pyro, Equality, and something to buff the Spectrals early on. Use them to trade, and be sure you can kill as many of them on your side as possible. Take advantage of his Abomination to kill off your Spectrals, and use your own minions as potential targets for his removal and to do damage. Don’t forget to use your Hero Ability early on, as he will waste minions and spells to take them out.

His Paladin secrets can be annoying, but the focus should be on taking out the Horsemen and hitting his face.

3. The Four Horsemen/Baron Rivendare


The Baron and his posse were also stopped by a Priest, and I actually cleared this one after the Instructor. You’d really want a Shadow Word: Pain, Silence, Ironbeak Owl, and even an Ooze in the opening hand, preferably more of the lower-cost cards. You want to silence/remove the Horsemen and take out his weapon as fast as you can so you can concentrate on blitzing him down with Arcane Golem and Mind Blast


If you can extend the game long enough, you can even use Cabal Shadow Priest (what a lady!) to gain control of one of his Horsemen (the one you did not silence/kill of course) and gain Immune for yourself! He does remove the minion quickly, though.

Check out KatipunanCowboy‘s playthrough of Military Quarter, as well as SylvanHunter‘s take on taking the bosses down. More decklists here and here as well.

You can also check out my articles on Heroic Plague Quarter and Heroic Arachnid Quarter!

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