It’s a new week, and a new wing for Curse of Naxxramas opens! Seeing the success of Druid in the Arachnid Wing, I made...


It’s a new week, and a new wing for Curse of Naxxramas opens! Seeing the success of Druid in the Arachnid Wing, I made sure I open up the new wing with Malfurion. The result? SHENANIGANS.

In this article, I wrote about what the Plague Wing bosses do and the cards you’ll get from them, so I had a bit of an idea how to deal with their unique Hero Abilities. Emboldened by other’s success stories with using one deck to conquer Normal Mode, I jumped right in and used my trusty Semi-Powered Ramp Druid.

I’d like to mention that I use the term “Semi-Powered” because it does have Legendary cards in Leeroy Jenkins and Ragnaros the Firelord, but other than those two, I had to make do with the cards I had. So out went the Boulderfist Ogres because they inherently do not have Taunt, and Lord of the Arena was swapped in. Fighting AI opponents beg for Taunts because it forces them to interact with your side of the board.

First up, Noth the Plaguebringer cast Ice Block on himself, which delayed my win for a turn. Shenanigans happened when he dropped two Abominations on his turn, prompting me to just pop one and win.


Next on the list was Heigan the Unclean. Thankful for my ramp cards, I proceeded to drop my high health minions to the left and just kept on ramming him. Shenanigans happened when he cast Mindpocalypse twice in a turn, allowing me to draw into Ragnaros. It was all about clearing his board my turn and having Rag at him for the rest of the game.


Finally, it was just high-health Loatheb remaining. No real shenanigans here, just the hilarious fact that popping multiple spores and watching your minions’ attack values jump to double digits amused me to no end.


I decided to push my luck and clear the Class Challenges as well. Hunter was up first, and surprise, it’s a deck full of Webspinners. I finally got to play and use King Krush as a finisher!


The Mage challenge was a little more serious, but shenanigans ensued when I found myself sitting on two secrets (Ice Block and Duplicate) with FOUR Ethreal Arcanists in hand, thanks to two Duplicates proc’ing earlier. I did not have enough mana to put them all down in one go!


In the end, it was all about the Legendaries. And shenanigans. Lots of shenanigans. This playthrough has been the most entertaining set of matches I’ve had in Hearthstone ever!

Next up, Heroic Mode! Let’s hope my luck holds! 

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