I go back into the Plague Wing to do my round of Heroic Mode and I’ve got to say that this has been more...


I go back into the Plague Wing to do my round of Heroic Mode and I’ve got to say that this has been more difficult than Arachnid Quarter. Faulty internet connection is the main reason for my increased frustration and salt levels, but nonetheless I pushed on and conquered Week 2!

I Noth-iced (sorry, bad pun) that aside from being progressively more challenging, the Naxx bosses need that perfect hand. Or at least to have that one card that can help you at the beginning of the fight to counter your handicap. Sadly, Malfurion had to take a break from all the shenanigans in Normal Mode, so I had to rely on new characters to form a raiding party for the Plague Wing.

A quick look at decklists online had me a little bummed out because I found that I needed to craft some of the key cards. If you’ve been watching Sodium Sessions, you’ll know that I really haven’t spent much time with Priest, so I had to make do with what I had and the little dust I managed to save. That meant that it was time to make replacements to already budget cards!

Here are the decklists:

1. Noth the Plaguebringer (H)


This deck was the one that needed all my dust. Noth took the longest to beat for me, for a few reasons: 1) I don’t know how to use Priest, 2) I was very unlucky with opening draws and mulligans, and 3) I kept of getting disconnected from the Internet!

So with very little time between disconnects, I managed to cobble together a Priest deck that had most of the cards Priest uses in their decks, including my (secret) favorite, Lightwell! This deck basically wants to open with a Lightwell, Divine Spirit, and Inner Fire. Lightwell and Inner Fire are great to bring on the damage to allow you an early control trade, and Divine Spirit is for the (hopeful) set-up with a Lightspawn on a later draw. Just keep on healing and buffing your Well or Spawn, and do very favorable trades to minimize triggering his Hero Ability!


And Plague is just one of those cards we just have to accept and play around with. Having one or two minions on the board minimizes the chances of him playing the card.

2. Heigan the Unclean (H)


For master Heigan, I tried to build a Handlock with the tools I had on hand and included many of Warlock’s life-gaining spells. Since I’m running on a budget, I figured Gurubashi Berzerker was a good addition since it absorbs the Hero Ability while increasing damage potential.

Don’t be afraid to go all out on Heigan, just be mindful of where you place your minions!

3. Loatheb (H)

There were many budget decks to defeat Loatheb but I firmly decided it was Valeera‘s time to shine for this fight. I love how glass cannons work in RPGs so it’s time to stitch together a weenie Rogue to close out the Plague Quarter in style.

The key to Loatheb is to have easy to cast minions with at least 2 health. This way, his Sporeburst won’t easily wipe out your board.

Thanks to Elven Archer/Stonetusk Boar popping the Spores, the small minions dealt damage exponentially, defeating Loatheb in record time. The MVP for this fight was Wisp, of course. As you can see in the first photo, Loatheb did not bother using Sporeburst on it, until it was too late. Now I wish I had Golden Wisps in my collection! 

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