Sony unveils new line-up of personal audio devices Sony unveils new line-up of personal audio devices
The Walkman is alive and well, as Sony gives the iconic personal audio device a colorful makeover plus a few other gadgets to go... Sony unveils new line-up of personal audio devices

The Walkman is alive and well, as Sony gives the iconic personal audio device a colorful makeover plus a few other gadgets to go along with it.

Sony has enjoyed local popularity with home entertainment – and personal – devices ranging from TVs to MP3 players. Recently, Sony has been making an effort to revive a classic favorite: the Walkman. This time around, the new Walkman comes in two variants and a couple of colors aside from the #TBT-ish black.


The new NW-A25 and NW-A26HN Walkman® feature everything you have come to expect from a High-Resolution Audio powerhouse and more. The NW-A26HN Walkman® comes bundled with High-Resolution Audio compatible Digital Noise Cancelling headphones allowing you to enjoy your music away from all distractions. With advancements to Sony’s S-Master HX™ full digital amplifier, music is played with more delicate and dynamic sound than ever before. Meanwhile, DSEE HX™, Sony’s unique upscaling technology, enhances compressed music files like MP3 formats to near High-Resolution Audio quality.

High quality wireless listening is also enabled via LDAC™ (low latency codec), a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth®. With three times more data transmitted, LDAC™ provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.

Available in two capacities, 16GB (NW-A25) and 32GB (NW-A26HN), as well as with an added microSD card slot for expanded memory, both Walkman® players allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes and extensive High-Resolution Audio libraries. With a 50-hour battery life, you are free to listen to your favorite tunes for hours on the go.

To go along with the Walkman, Sony also has three new audio devices: the h.ear, h.ear in NC, and the h.ear on in-ear and over-the-ear headphones. These devices feature High Resolution Audio compatibility, top-tier materials, and a Sony signature aesthetic. They also come in different colors to complement the Walkman.

“h.ear on™” Headphones


Sony’s “h.ear on™” headband-type headphones (MDR-100AAP) ooze style combined with a comfortable fit. High-Resolution Audio compatibility and accurate bass responses are complemented by the 40mm HD driver unit that reproduces sounds of up to 60kHz, while lightweight CCAW voice coils yield high-linearity responses in high-pitched sounds. Aimed at providing the best sound experience, the diaphragms have been titanium-coated to minimize unwanted vibrations, resulting in crystal clear tunes. This is the ultimate listening experience. Should you want to take your headphones on the move with you, the foldable mechanism and a detachable, cross-talk reducing cable in matching color will allow for the “h.ear on™” headphones to be securely packed in the handy supplied carrying pouch.

“h.ear in NC™” Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones


The “h.ear in NC™” Noise Cancelling in-ear headphones (MDR-NW750N) is a great example of Sony’s focus on functional design and iconic aesthetics. Thanks to Sony’s newly developed compact 9mm high sensitivity driver unit, this slim and compact in-ear headphones can reproduce frequencies of up to 40kHz, delivering the sweetest and clearest High-Resolution Audio sound qualities.

To ensure an immersive musical experience even in the noisiest of places, these compact in-ear headphones feature battery-powered, state of the art dual noise sensor technology and the Automatic AI Noise Cancelling technologies that filter out any unwanted noise for up to 16 hours – making them the world’s first[4] Digital Noise Cancelling High-Resolution Audio compatible in-ear headphones. Should the built-in lithium-ion battery run out of juice, you can easily recharge it via micro USB while you continue your sonic adventures – noise cancelling included.

“h.ear in™” Headphones


The third product in the h.ear series is the “h.ear in™” headphones (MDR-EX750AP). Designed with an aluminum housing that suppresses vibrations and reproduces high quality sounds, the “h.ear in™” headphones feature a 9mm high-sensitivity driver unit that supports High-Resolution Audio. Beat Response Control helps improve the transient characteristics in the bass and delivers the rhythm accurately. The acoustic port on the hosing further controls air flow for a more solid bass range and optimizes diaphragm movements.

Similar to both the “h.ear on™” headphones, the “h.ear in™” headphones come with 4-wire configuration and a separated ground cross-talk reducing cable for expanded sound and tight bass. The compact size of the “h.ear in™” headphones is also designed for a tight, comfortable and stable fit.

Sony’s new range of h.ear headphones, comprised of the MDR-NW750N (Black/White, PhP 5,999), MDR-100AAP (Black/Red/Yellow, PhP 8,999) and MDR-EX750AP (Black/Red/Blue, PhP 3,999) are available in select Sony Centres nationwide; together with the Walkman® series, comprised of the NW-A25 (Black/Red/Yellow/Silver, PhP 9,499) and NW-A26HN (Black/Red/Yellow, PhP 14,999). For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook (Sony Philippines), Instagram and Twitter (@SonyPHinc).

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