STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2017 | AAA Games For Less Than 1K STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2017 | AAA Games For Less Than 1K
Give thanks for yet another Steam Sale! This time around we check out the AAA titles you can get for less than one thousand... STEAM AUTUMN SALE 2017 | AAA Games For Less Than 1K

Turkey Day is here and that means Steam is having their Autumn Sale. Indie and not-so-popular games finally get their chance to be downloaded and played by gamers worldwide, which is totally great, but one thing we’ve noticed are the slew AAA games on Steam’s library. While yes, getting a lot of the games made by devs not attached to big publisher brands are great, this is also a good time to shore up your stockpile of games that were hugely popular.

The great part about Steam Sales would be the discounts. Imagine getting AAA games at less than a thousand pesos! That’s huge savings especially if you’re readying to game your way through this year’s Christmas vacation! Just remember that these games may need a certain tier of hardware spec for you to enjoy properly. Some of the games on this list are still used to test and benchmark graphics cards, monitors, rigs, and laptops because they can really test the limits of the device when it comes to video output.

Here’s our shortlist of AAA games less than one thousand pesos that you can get at the Autumn Sale!

1. Witcher 3: GOTY Edition

Price: P679.60

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration

Price: P857.67

3. Grand Theft Auto V

Price: P999.50

4. Fallout 4

Price: P690


Price: P690

6. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Price: P731.97


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