ZTE Mobile Devices launched the world’s first AI-powered ,eyewear-free 3D tablet nubia Pad 3D and the nubia Neovision AR Glass at MWC 2023.

Hot on the heels of their smartphone announcements, ZTE showcased a wide array of consumer products of all categories including the ZTE Axon, ZTE Blade, Nubia, and MBB, FWA & IoT family products and industrial solutions, at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

In response to the accelerated expansion of consumer scenarios and user demand, the strategy of ZTE Mobile Devices has been officially upgraded into “1+2+N” Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0.

The brand launched the nubia Pad 3D, the world’s first AI-powered eyewear-free 3D tablet, and nubia Neovision Glass, an AR glasses that provides super audio-visual experience, and announced its MBB&FWA product concept of “Green, Intelligence & Security (GIS)”, as well as other key products including the 5th Gen of FWA.

ZTE unveils upgraded Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0

5G improves people’s work and life, and attracts people to possess more than one mobile device.
Based on the powerful capability of “cloud, network, edge and devices”, the MyOS will break through the boundary of different devices and realize the seamless interconnection of “1+2+N” device ecosystems, including mobile phones, personal and home data terminals, and peripheral ecological products, bringing a new upgrade of digital lifestyle, and a Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0.

The device will enable intelligent perception and interaction between different terminal devices, covering four major scenarios, namely, sports & health, audio & visual entertainment, business & travel, and family & education, to provide users with a multi-device integration experience and a multi-screen connection, cross-device connectivity and intelligent scenarios convergence digital lifestyle.

nubia Pad 3D, offering new experience in technology

The nubia Pad 3D, co-developed with the world-leading eyewear-free 3D developer Leia Inc., is equipped with the unique 3D Lightfield technology of Leia and tremendous AI computing power to match abundant 3D application scenarios. Specifically, it supports AI Face Tracking, which can match the best view (8 views maximum) in real-time, achieve real-time AI-based 2D to 3D conversion, AI-powered 3D content shot by front or rear cameras as well as is compatible with the popular AI 3D apps for artistic creation.


It is equipped with a 12.4-inch 2.5K screen and four symmetrical speakers supporting Dolby Surround Sound, offering an immersive audio and visual experience. With the world’s largest 3D content ecosystem, it allows users to seamlessly enjoy the world’s first 3D video chat, 3D private cinema, immersive 3D games, and other scenarios. Powered by the Snapdragon 8 series chip, nubia Pad 3D stands out in performance and offers an upgraded user experience in all dimensions with the 9070mAh battery and 33W fast charger.

AR Smart Glasses, bringing a portable screen experience

As the world’s first smart glasses with TÜV Rheinland and Hi-Res Audio Certification, nubia Neovision Glass features a 120-inch virtual screen and a Micro OLED display with a dual-eye 1920×1080 resolution, and supports 0-500° myopic adjustment, offering a cinema-quality view without wearing spectacles.


The built-in cyclonic sound bin and stereo full-range dual speakers deliver an immersive and authentic audio experience. In addition, it also provides various colorful streamer magnetic absorption lenses. The fashionable, comfortable, and portable glasses, adopt a streamlined design without a frame and weighs only 79g.

New 5G FWA Gen 5, supporting Wi-Fi 7

ZTE also launched the 5G FWA Gen 5, supporting the latest 3GPP R17 standard, and adopting the smart antenna 5.0 of ZTE to increase the antenna gain by 20%. With Wi-Fi 7 technology, its peak rate reaches 21Gbps. Bolstered by signal amplification technology, it provides a much faster, more stable and reliable connectivity. Relying on the new Mesh-return technology, the device achieves a whole-house all-around coverage and intelligent scenario applications. With the support of remote control and the Matter protocol, 5G FWA Gen 5 creates a real intelligent home control center.


In addition to newly announced products, mobile phones including ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, ZTE Blade Series, nubia Z50, ecological peripherals including ZTE Watch Live 2, Bluetooth headsets, MBB & FWA devices, IoT terminals, and IoV terminals also appeared at MWC 2023, bringing a comprehensive 5G experience to consumers and industry users.

5G is still bringing changes to the future. The new upgrade of Full-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem 2.0 is an important measure for ZTE Mobile Devices to accelerate the integration of intelligent devices and take digital life a step forward in the post-5G era where everything is smartly connected. In the future, ZTE Mobile Devices will continue to drive business based on customer demands, continuously make innovations in technologies and products, and allow global users to enjoy a digital lifestyle supported by full-scenario seamless connection.

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