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One of the most powerful supports in the game right now, Bennett has great abilities and doesn't need a lot of investment! Genshin Guide | Bennett

One of the most popular support characters in the game, Bennett has a lot to offer to the table and can be easily included in almost all compositions. His element and abilities work well with others, and is considered one of the god-tier supports in the game.

Bennett: Overview

Benny is a flexible pyro sword user. He can be built as a main DPS, but shines when he is in the support role. His kit allows other characters to create powerful Vaporize or Melt reactions, and can easily be the main healer on the team, depending on the content you are doing and the enemies you face.


His normal and charged attacks deal decent damage, which can be modified to high levels if geared as a DPS. In support mode however, his Skill and Burst are more valued, and basic attacks are not given much priority.

His Elemental Skill, Passion Overload, deals pyro damage in three different stages. A quick tap will make him slash a target and debuffs with pyro damage. Holding the Skill charges it on two levels. The first charged Skill makes him slash twice at a target, dealing pyro damage and launching the enemy. The second charge takes longer, but will make him slash three times for a large amount of pyro damage. This will also launch both Benny and his target, but deals no damage to him. Bennett’s first passive talent decreases the cooldown of his Skill by 20%. His second passive talent will further decrease the cooldown of the Skill by 50% while inside the area of his Burst, and will not be launched anymore.


His Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, creates a large pyro field in the direction Bennett is facing. The field deals pyro damage to enemies and debuffs them. Characters inside the pyro field that are less than 70% HP will get healed until they reach 70% health. Any character in the field with higher than 70% HP will gain an attack bonus which scales off of his base attack. Unlocking Bennett’s first constellation will lift the 70% HP restriction bonus for the attack bonus and gains an additional 20% bonus that scales off Bennett’s base attack.

Bennett’s Builds

Benny’s support build is a very powerful build for this character. He is able to provide large amounts of healing and a big attack boost for your main DPS. That said, energy management is the key to unlocking Bennett’s full potential to help carry your team in fights.

Weapon: Skyward Sword/Aquilia Favonia/Festering Blade/The Flute
4pc Noblesse Oblige
HP% goblet
HEALING BONUS headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

For those who are farming artifacts and keep getting Energy Recharge on their hourglass, HP% on their goblets, and Healing Bonus on their headgear, you’re in luck, because Bennett can easily take those, especially if you regularly farm the Noblesse domain. Note that his attack buff scales with his base attack, which is the combination of the character’s attack stat plus his weapon’s attack stat. His healing scales of his maximum HP. This is the reason why experienced players will forgo putting additional attack artifacts on Bennett and just boost his HP and Healing Bonus instead. Try to prioritize HP, Energy Recharge, Elemental Mastery, and Crit Rate for the artifact substats.

Festering Blade is currently one of the best 4 star weapons for Bennett. His attack buff scaling with base attack is also the reason why The Flute is also considered to be a good 4 star weapon on him since the substat helps in increasing his base attack. If you have 5 star swords, then by all means have Benny use it.

However, having the Skyward Sword or the Sacrificial Sword are also good for Bennett because of the Energy Recharge substat. Bennett’s Skill produces three energy particles and with an Energy Recharge stat of 180% or better, Bennett is able to fully charge his Burst with just 2-3 uses of his Skill.

Weapon: Aquilia Favonia/Skyward Sword/The Flute/Prototype Rancor
4pc Gladiator OR 2pc Gladiator 2pc Crimson Witch of the Flames
CRIT RATE/CRIT DAMAGE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

If Bennett is your main DPS, there is a build for him that maximizes not only his normal attacks, but can also increase the punching power of his Skill. Having four pieces of Gladiator will give him a boost in damage, and pairing with a pyro damage goblet will make sure his Skill and Burst won’t be neglected. Prioritize Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Attack%, and Energy Recharge on the substats.

If completing a full set of Gladiator artifacts is not possible, Bennett can still benefit from Crimson Witch of Flames as the 2pc set gives pyro damage bonus on top of the attack bonus a 2pc Gladiator set provides. For a full physical build, you can swap out the Crimson Witch with Bloodstained Chivalry.

Team Compositions

For a Support Benny, all the main DPS characters both in the game will benefit from his Skill and Burst. Razor, Keqing, Klee, Mona, and Ningguang are just some of the DPS characters that will appareciate the attack boost from him.


For Mona specifically, Bennett is the best support to enable Youtube-worthy Vaporize reactions. Because of the unique traits of Mona’s Burst, Benny’s Skill should be the attack you do to get a huge Vaporize crit, and not Mona’s charged attack. Together with Sucrose buffing the team with Elemental Mastery, Bennett’s single tap Skill will be more than enough to get a crit Vaporize hit to register upwards of 80,000 damage.


For DPS Bennett, having Xiangling around will definitely get you higher damages values thanks to pyro resonance as well as her Burst.

Xingqui is also a great support for Bennett, either for the DPS build or just being his co-support in the team. Xingqui’s Skill and Burst allow Bennett to consistently proc Vaporize and contribute to the DPS output, all without needing Xingqui to actually be on the field.

Finally, Anemo characters like Sucrose and Venti will help Bennett greatly because of Swirling his pyro damage and giving crowd control. Having the ability to gather all enemies for Bennett or pop his Burst will definitely make your fights easier to manage.


Due to Bennett’s whole kit and the multiple benefits he brings to any team, he – together with Xingqui – are considered the meta support characters in Genshin Impact. His ability to heal and buff damage make Bennett an important part of any team composition, but he shines even brighter if there is pyro resonance in your team.

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