A Fan’s Ode to the Final Fantasy Series on Sony Playstation
I have forever been a console gamer. I’ve tried to join the “PC master race”, but my fingers seem to be more wired for controllers than keyboards. I’ve had so many consoles throughout my life–from my Game-and-Watch, to my Famicon and my SNES–but I’ll focus on the Sony Playstation,... Read more
Play with Friends in the new Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion

FINAL FANTASY® XV players can now band together and join the Kingsglaive elite force in the game’s first ever online multiplayer expansion, “Comrades.”

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Powerful Magitek Exosuits now available for all Final Fantasy XV players

Summer in Eos has arrived at last, as the new July update for FINAL FANTASY® XV is available as a free download, introducing Magitek Exosuits for each member of Noctis’ crew, a new quest and more to the critically-acclaimed RPG.

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ESGS 2016 | Must-Plays on the Show Floor

This year’s ESGS is filled with games from different developers that visitors can try and play. Here are some of the must-play titles.

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MOVIE REVIEW | Kingsglaive: Not For Everyone

We check out the much-hyped Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, to see how it fares to fans and non-fans alike.

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Square Enix announces details on Final Fantasy XV

The latest installment for the Final Fantasy franchise is coming, and Square Enix just gave massive announcements regarding FFXV.

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD goes ahead with March release date with a FFXV demo
Fans of the PSP version will finally be able to check out Ace and other favorite characters in high definition, as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gets the green light for its March release. Read more