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ASUS Announces The ROG Mothership
When it comes to gaming devices, ASUS likes to push the envelope with their ideas. They really like working within the boundaries of a given platform but take it to the next level. Their GX700 boasted a liquid cooling attachment, and the GX800 took that and crammed in VR... Read more
ASUS Announces its new Apollo Lake CPU-Based Notebooks

ASUS has announced the arrival of its latest consumer notebook product – the Vivobook Max. ASUS VivoBook Max Series laptops (X441 and X541) are designed to give you a truly immersive multimedia experience.

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CES 2017: Razer outs Project Valerie, a triple-monitor gaming laptop

Razer makes a bombshell announcement at CES 2017 with their unveiling of Project Valerie, the first triple-screen laptop with a total 12K resolution.

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CES 2017: MSI releases GE Series laptops for 4K gaming

The new GE series of MSI laptops may fall on a lower tier compared to the Titan, but it’s no slouch, especially for enthusiasts who want to level up their gaming to 4K levels.

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