ASUS RT-AX88U First Impressions
Internet access in this digital era is a necessity and home routers are a must. More predominant manufacturers continuously seek to add new features in their products in order to differentiate themselves in the digital market. That’s a challenge as there isn’t a lot of extras you can do... Read more
Synology’s Router RT2600ac delivers secure, fast-speed connectivity

Synology’s new award-winning RT2600ac router adopts the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 certified radios with MU-MIMO support, making it possible for more devices to access the internet at higher speed.

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PLDT Home Fibr launches most powerful wireless router, and highlights home security devices

PLDT has launched the D-Link AC 3200 tri-band, along with the AC 1900 dual-band gigabit wireless routers. They’ve also highlighted their multiple home security devices.

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