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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Edition PS4 is up for local pre-order
It’s almost time to be the Batman, as Sony just announced the local pre-order period for the ‘Arkham Knight’ edition PS4. Read more
World In Audition launches local closed beta on May 8
The sequel to Audition Dance Battle is here, as World In Audition opens its doors on May 8. Read more
Sony announces ‘Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster’ for PS4
Yuna, Tidus, and their friends are the newest recipients of an HD makeover as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia just announced ‘Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster’. Read more
Heart Castle is officially out on Google Play and App Store
Playpark, Asiasoft’s gaming portal, has released a new adventure RPG game based on the lore of ‘Alice in Wonderland’: Heart Castle. Available in certain parts of Asia, through the Google Play and the App Store, the game features cute graphics and imaginative storytelling which gets you to tumble down... Read more
Here comes a new challenger: Tekken 7 introduces Filipina fighter Josie Rizal
Yes, you may cringe at the name, but Josie Rizal, Tekken 7’s newest fighter, looks like she can kick major ass – even in her curiously shiny costume. Read more
‘God of War III’ gets the PS4 treatment
Fans of the popular ‘God of War’ franchise, take heed. Kratos takes god-killing to the PS4, as Sony Santa Monica just announced a port of ‘God of War III’ to the console. Read more
Nintendo partners with DeNA to create mobile games
Bye bye, mobile emulators! Nintendo will be making games for your smartphone! Read more
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD goes ahead with March release date with a FFXV demo
Fans of the PSP version will finally be able to check out Ace and other favorite characters in high definition, as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gets the green light for its March release. Read more
Batman: Arkham Knight gets new trailer
Rocksteady’s latest Batman game is gearing up for its June 2 release date with a new trailer, and a new content rating. Read more
Philippine Ragnarok Online servers to close by March 2015
Back in 2003, a Korean online game was released in the Philippines. It’s name was Ragnarok Online and it instantly became a hit, and changed the local gaming landscape forever. But all good things must come to an end, as Level Up! Games broke the sad news that local... Read more