Finally, All Fatui Harbingers Have Been Revealed! Finally, All Fatui Harbingers Have Been Revealed!
The Fatui Harbingers finally got their time to shine in the newest Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser. Finally, All Fatui Harbingers Have Been Revealed!

The Fatui, one of the (supposed) villainous factions in Genshin Impact, has blatantly or inadvertently been part of many huge changes and catastrophes in Teyvat, but despite the story arcs of Fatui Harbingers Tartaglia, La Signora, and Scaramouche, as well as the role that their minions have played during The Perilous Trail quest, there’s really not much we know about the organization headed by the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya. So we’re definitely pleasantly surprised when Hoyoverse dropped Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter’s Night’s Lazzo.

(Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers from previous Archon Quests.)

Introducing the Fatui Harbingers

We finally get to meet the Fatui Harbingers (sans Scaramouche) as they hold a funeral for the Crimson Witch La Signora, who was slain by Inazuma’s Raiden Shogun and remembered by her comrades by her true name Rosalyne.

fatui harbingers
Barbatos’ and Rex Lapis’ Gnoses. SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

Opening with a chess game where Rex Lapis‘ and Barbatos‘ gnoses are set up as pieces, we get a quick peek into the personalities of each member. Watch the full video below:

We have to point out that Tartaglia has finally been given the dangerous edge we’ve been dying to see during his previous story quests, despite him having just a line to say.

fatui harbingers, tartaglia
Childe, also known as “Tartaglia”, 11th of the Fatui Harbingers. IMAGE: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

While there’s also conflict within the ranks (as with any stereotypical “evil” organization). the teaser has successfully shown that what the Traveler and the rest of Teyvat are up against is a deadly organization with formidable power and reach, and not just a bunch of fools, despite being dubbed as such.

fatui harbingers
The 10 remaining Harbingers include (from left to right) Sandrone, Pulcinella, Columbina, Pierro, Tartaglia, Arlecchino, Pantalone, Il Dottore, and Capitano (not in image). SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

(In case you didn’t know, the Harbingers are based on the characters of commedia dell’arte, an early form of Italian comedy, wherein most characters don masks. )

Down With The Gods

collei, dendro user
Dendro vision weilder Collei. SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

With the reunion of all active Fatui Harbingers (since Scaramouche is still missing with the Raiden Shogun’s gnosis), it seems like something big is about to happen, and most likely it’ll be in Sumeru, as at the end of the trailer, we’re introduced to the Dendro character Collei who wakes up from a nightmare of Il Dottore—or a “Segment” of him—experimenting on “blasphemy.” We see him standing before gigantic burning tree, which is probably related to the Dendro Archon.

fatui harbingers
Il Dottore’s “Segment”. SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

Pierro, who seems to also hail from Khaenri’ah with his diamond-shaped pupil reminiscent of Kaeya’s, talks about seizing “authority from the gods.”

fatui harbingers
Pierro, the First Harbinger. SCREENSHOT: YOUTUBE/Genhin Impact

We also hear him promise La Signora, “Your final resting place will be the entirety of the ‘Old World’.” This seems to be similar to what the Traveler’s sibling has been trying to accomplish by reviving Khaenri’ah.

Maybe seizing authority from the gods, which is symbolic of the gnoses, will give the Fatui the chance to rebuild the world as it was. Maybe doing so also means reviving Khaenri’ah, or going back in time to prevent its downfall—after all, the Sacred Sakura that saved Inazuma from catastrophe in the past was actually planted by future Ei and the will of Makoto. No one knows, but Genshin Impact’s story is definitely far from over, and until then, we hope that Hoyoverse will finally ramp up the Fatui’s lore and consistently give them time to shine.

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