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Venti is back in time for the Invitation toWindblume event in Genshin Impact! This 5star anemo character is a powerhouse, and here's a guide... Genshin Guide | Venti

Venti is a 5star anemo bow user in Genshin Impact. He was the first 5star to have his own banner and was only available through Wishes during the global release of the game. His banner is currently having a re-run as part of the Invitation to Windblume event.


Venti: Overview

While it is possible to build him as a main DPS given his 5star status and ability scaling, his ability to supercharge energy generation for all characters and allies plus elemental debuffs on enemies coupled with convenient crowd control far surpasses his damage output. His abilities are of great use to the team whether it’s for open-world exploration or going through Spiral Abyss.


Venti’s normal attacks fall behind other archers in the game; even Amber’s damage numbers are higher. His charged attack deals anemo damage and will proc Swirl on enemies should they be affected by a different element prior to the attack landing.

His Elemental Skill, Skyward Sonnet, can be tapped to generate an anemo field at an enemy’s location. This field deals anemo damage and launches opponents in the air. If the Skill is held, the field will be generated at his location, and will deal more damage. Aside from launching opponents, Venti will also be swept up. Unlocking his first passive talent creates an upcurrent of air for 20 seconds. Characters and allies who glide within this upcurrent will be launched in the air. Take note that Venti generates 3 or 4 energy particles if any version of the Skill hits at least one enemy.

His Elemental Burst, Wind’s Grand Ode, makes him fire an arrow that will generate a Stormeye at an enemy’s location. This is a small AOE anemo field that vacuums nearby enemies into its center, making them float and take pulsing anemo damage. If another element is fired at the location, it will deal an additional 50% damage of the same elemental type. Unlocking Venti’s second passive ability grants him 15 energy after using his Burst, and if an element was absorbed during the Burst’s duration, will also grant 15 energy to all characters and allies.

Venti’s Builds

Venti is fairly easy to build and farm for due to the fact that, like Sucrose and to a certain extent Jean, the Viridescent Venerer set is the only artifact set that works best for him. But unlike healing supports, you want him to have a boost in damage stats. This can make farming for his set somewhat tedious.

Weapon: Elegy of the End/Skyward Harp/The Stringless/Favonius Warbow/Sacrificial Bow
4pc Viridescent Venerer
ANEMO DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

Elegy of the End is a bow made for Venti. He can easily trigger the 4 Sigils of Remembrance the weapon needs in order to give all party members +100 Elemental Mastery and 20% increased Attack. While the bow is not a must-have, it’s ability is supercharged when Venti is the one holding it and if your team is Elemental Reaction-focused.

The only reason why Skyward Harp is first is because it’s a 5star bow and has bigger damage scaling. Most players will opt for The Stringless however, for its Elemental Mastery substat as well as its ability to increase both Skill and Burst damage by 24% at base to a maximum of 48%. This eliminates the need for him to use Noblesse Oblige. And the bump in Elemental Mastery means his Swirl damage will be greater.


When it comes to increasing Venti’s utility in the team, Viridescent Venerer combines well with his Skill and Burst by increasing anemo damage, Swirl damage, and giving enemies an elemental resistance debuff based on the element that was Swirled. You usually want to have your main DPS’s element to trigger the Swirl so that succeeding elemental attacks from your DPS will benefit from the elemental shred.

Combined with Venti’s ability to generate a lot of energy particles from his Skill and Burst and a decent amount of Energy Recharge, he can continuously perform his abilities with almost no cooldown. Add the shred utility of Viridescent and Burst’s ability to group up enemies, Venti becomes a great support that lets your team do damage while being almost always safe from enemy attacks.

Team Compositions

Bennett is a great support to be paired with Venti, as his ability to group enemies up makes it easier for Bennett to hit everyone with his AOE Burst, allowing Venti to come back in and use his Burst to keep everyone neatly bundled and taking continuous hits without being able to escape.


Xingqui is another good support to have with Venti, because his Burst will always apply hydro on enemies. While not as good by itself unlike pyro, hydro opens up more crowd control options like Electro-charged and if Venti uses his Burst, can spread Frozen to all enemies caught in the vacuum.

Jean can be a main DPS to pair with Venti as support. With so many things Venti brings to the table, his anemo resonance with Jean decreases stamina consumption and cooldowns while increasing movement speed. This pair can accommodate other supports with either high energy cost abilities like Xingqui, or long cooldowns like Diona.


Hu Tao can be a great DPS for Venti as well. being able to group enemies together helps Hu Tao maximize her Burst’s area to proc a lot of reactions. Whether it’s Hydro or Cryo first or straight up using Hu Tao’s Skill to spread Pyro for Venti to swirl, his abilities decrease the chances of Hu Tao getting one-shot.

Keqing is another main DPS that can benefit from Venti’s Burst. While her Burst covers a wide area, enemies can still move outside of Keqing’s range. Having him group enemies up will allow her to maximize the damage output she can deal and have a pseudo Superconduct effect as well because of the elemental shred from Viridescent.

Ningguang can highly benefit from Venti’s utility, as it allows her to maximize the damage of her jade fragments. With her first constellation unlocked, Ningguang can deal AOE damage with her normal attacks, which pairs well when Venti uses his Burst. And since Venti’s Skill generates a lot of energy particles, you can quickly swap so that Ningguang will absorb them. This constant stream of energy will let you always have her Burst ready to go.

Razor is another DPS character whose damage can be amplified by Venti. Since Razor is at his best against a single target, Venti’s crowd control abilities will not only mitigate the damage Razor receives, but also bunches enemies up, allowing him to make the most out of every greatsword swing with or without his abilities.


Venti brings a lot of utility in many different team compositions, with a quality of life upgrade to open-world exploration via his updraft, allowing you to scale mountains faster. Anemo doesn’t see much use, but because of the element’s flexibility, can help increase damage output. Venti also brings crowd control to teams, which is currently very rare in the game.

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