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The Prinzessin der Verurteilung, Fischl, is no pushover. She's mobile, flexible as DPS or support, and is free to play friendly to build! Genshin Guide | Fischl

To date, Fischl is the only electro bow user in the game. Her ability to be a main or secondary DPS is highly valued and she serves teams well into the late game and is often a fixture in teams both for open world exploration and specific endgame content.

Fischl: Overview

Because arrows have flight time, Fischl needs to be just outside of heavy weapon range to maintain consistent DPS. This also allows you to see incoming attacks and dodge into them or away from them with relative ease. This allows Fischl to safely use her kit while maintaining constant attacks.


Her normal attack deals physical damage which can be boosted by your chosen weapon. Her charged attack deals decent electro damage but you need time to charge the shot. This can be a good opening attack before the enemy has a chance to close the gap. Her first constellation increases her DPS, as an electro orb will appear and attack enemies you are shooting with normal attacks, dealing electro damage in addition to your physical attack damage.

Her Elemental Skill is to summon her familiar Oz. Oz remains stationary and has a decent range as he shoots electro bolts. Holding down the button allows you to target where you can place Oz. The raven will target either the last enemy you shot or the closest enemy to him when you summon him. Pressing the button again while Oz is out will summon him to your side, allowing you the opportunity to reposition him if the enemy is knocked outside of his range.

Unlocking her second constellation will add an AoE electro damage surge when you summon Oz but not when you reposition him.

Fischl’s Elemental Burst fuses her with Oz, allowing you to fly around with increased movement speed. While in raven form, Fischl will deal electro damage to surrounding enemies. After the Burst ends, Oz will remain on the field to attack enemies as normal. Unlocking Fischl’s fourth constellation allows the Burst to deal extra damage and will heal her when the duration ends.

Fischl’s Builds

Similar to Xiangling, Fischl can have a relatively cheap physical damage build and a more Wish-oriented electro support build.

Weapon: Skyward Harp/Rust/Compound Bow
2pc Bloodstained Chivalry + 2pc Gladiator OR 4pc Thundersoother
ATK hourglass
PHYS DMG goblet
ATK/CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

Free to play players will want to get the Compound Bow for a physical damage Fischl if they don’t have the Rust or Skyward Harp. The physical damage substat from the Compound bow aids in increasing Fischl’s damage output combined with the goblet and the bonus from 2 pieces of Bloodstained Chivalry. The Gladiator set increases her ATK stat as well, allowing her to machine gun enemies from a safe distance. If you manage to pull for Rust, note that it decreases your charged attack damage in exchange for boosting your normal attack damage. This is fine because unlike Ganyu, Fischl will get more mileage out of normal attacks.

If you want a hybrid main DPS build, you can opt for 4pc Thundersoother with a physical damage goblet to ensure that all your bases are covered. This build makes use of Fischl’s high attack speed, Skill, and Burst to make sure damage is consistently high, ready for your other supports to swap in for elemental reactions.

Weapon: Skyward Harp/The Stringless/Favonious Warbow
2pc Thundering Fury + 2pc Gambler OR 4pc Thundering Fury
ATK hourglass
ATK/CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

When it comes to a support build, your weapon choice will lean into either boosting her Elemental Mastery (The Stringless) or her Energy Recharge (Favonious Warbow), fortunately, the game gives us a free Favonious Warbow, reducing the need to Wish for it. The half Thundering Fury half Gambler build allows Fischl to swap in to drop Oz and swap out with high damage values thanks to the bonus damage increase both sets provide.

You can also opt for four pieces of Thundering Fury in a team composition that focuses on Elemental Reactions. This ensures any reaction that includes electro (Superconduct, Electro-charged, Overloaded) will have increased damage.

Team Compositions

If Fischl is your main DPS character, she definitely pairs well with the first of the two god support units – Bennett. His pyro field is large enough for Fischl to stay in range of targets. Not only that, Oz’s range is around the same size, so you’re sure that you’re activating Overloaded on enemies while bow damage is buffed in addition to getting healing.


The second god-tier support Xingqui is also a great addition to Fischl’s team. His Skill and Burst give Fischl some much-needed damage mitigation, healing, and increased DPS thanks to the Rainswords. If you have a her constellation 2, you’re guaranteed to proc Electro-charged when you attack under the influence of Xingqui’s Burst skill without needing to summon Oz or use your Burst.

Diona is also a good support for Fischl, despite her weapon giving you a slight disadvantage in the open world. Diona’s Burst procs the cryo field, allowing you to consistently enable Superconduct, which lowers the target’s resistance to physical damage. At constellation 2, the effect will be immediate, as you constantly deal both electro and physical damage with every normal attack.

For a support DPS Fischl, pairing her with Keqing will give electro resonance, allowing her to make sure the Elemental Skill and Burst are always ready to deploy, especially for emergencies. Keqing’s electo attacks have a downtime as well, and Oz’s duration on the field will help keep the electro damage flowing for your other support characters to proc their reactions.


Childe is also a good main DPS for Fischl to support. Having consistent Electro-charged procs thanks to Oz and Childe’s Skill will keep enemies stunned, especially when grouped together. Just make sure you set all your supports’ Skills and Bursts before going in with Childe’s skill so you won’t reset his cooldown.

Fischl can also support Klee in battle, since she can reach enemies Klee’s bombs cannot. Having Oz around to keep enemies debuffed with electro ensures Klee will consistently trigger Overloaded, boosting her already scary damage numbers.

Finally, Xiangling is good to pair with Fischl either as a main DPS or a fellow support character. Gouba and Oz make a frightening turret pair, able to constantly proc Overloaded on enemies and help Fischl, Xiangling, or your main DPS to keep fights quick and relatively painless.


Fischl is a solid pick for either main DPS, electro support, or something in between. While her kit favors her Elemental Skill more than her Burst, proper rotations of both will ensure that Oz is always on the field for constant electro damage. Her bow will also help out while you adventure in the open world of Genshin Impact, especially for electro puzzles.

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