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The sweet young lady of Mondsadt may look frail, but underneath her glasses is a powerhouse energy generator, damage amplifier, and resistance shredder! Genshin Guide | Sucrose

Sucrose may look unassuming, but don’t be quick to dismiss her power on the field. Her ability to Swirl is a valuable multipurpose tool that groups enemies together and amplifies damage.

Sucrose: Overview

Sucrose is mainly a support character, able to use her Skill and Burst to Swirl an aura/debuff element for big damage values. She also offers a mild form of crowd control, though it won’t be as persistent as Venti’s.


Her normal and charged attacks deal considerable Anemo damage and can proc Swirl in small amounts. That means if you have already debuffed an enemy with an element like pyro, hitting them with Sucrose’s normal attacks will Swirl the pyro, dealing extra damage.

Her Elemental Skill summons a Wind Spirit to deal AoE Anemo damage. This also pulls enemies closer to the center where the Wind Spirit is. Four Energy Particles will be generated as long as it hits at least one target. At constellation 1, Sucrose gains and additional use of her Skill for a total of two uses before it enters cooldown.

Her Elemental Burst summons a larger Wind Spirit that lasts longer, dealing large Anemo damage. While the Spirit is on the field, it will continuously pulse for Anemo damage and pull enemies to its center. If pyro, cryo, electro, or hydro damage types are applied to enemies caught in the Wind Spirit, it will deal additional damage of that type and proc Swirl.


Her two passive talents contribute as well to her incredible support capabilities. Her first passive talent increases the team’s Elemental Mastery by 50 for eight seconds when she procs Swirl. Her second passive talent increased the team’s Elemental Mastery by 20% of her Elemental Mastery stat when she hits a target with her Skill or Burst.

Sucrose’s Builds

For support Sucrose, we want to focus on getting her Elemental Mastery as high as possible. This is what helps the burst Mona or Chidle team comps such big damage, because Sucrose boosts the Elemental Mastery of every member of the party, including your other supports.

Weapon: Sacrificial Fragments/Mappa Mare/Favonious Codex/Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

4pc Viridescent Venerer OR 2pc Viridescent Venerer + 2pc Wanderer’s Troupe
ANEMO DMG goblet
ELEMENTAL MASTERY/CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

Viridescent Venerer is the artifact set of choice for her (and Venti for that matter). Prioritize Elemental Mastery and Energy Recharge on her substats. She is one of the characters that doesn’t really rely on increasing her attack values so much in support mode because her contribution comes from increasing Elemental Mastery for your other characters. The Viridescent set also lowers the enemy’s resistance to whatever element is combined with Anemo and Swirled, which is usually the element of your DPS.

Wanderer’s Troupe can also be subbed in if you lack decent Viridescent pieces to complete the four set. The set bonus increases her Elemental Mastery but removes the ability to lower the enemy’s resistance, which is still an acceptable tradeoff.

Weapon: Lost Prayer

2pc Viridescent Venerer + 2pc Gladiator
ATK hourglass
HYDRO DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

If you lucked into a Lost Prayer and want to use it on Sucrose, she can still be a very good DPS character. Combining her with characters of different elements will give you a balanced team to take on most of the open world content. Because her element enhances other elements, Sucrose can easily break shields just by having Bennett proc pyro and then swap back to Sucrose so she can Swirl it. The same applies to Abyss Mage shields of differing elements. Once you hit it with a counter element, quickly swap to Sucrose and have her Swirl it for quick breaks. Take note that DPS Sucrose works better when her 4th constellation unlocked, which allows her to lower the cooldown of her Skill anywhere between 1 – 7 seconds.

Team Compositions: Vaporize Burst

Sucrose is the secret to driving Bennett’s and Mona’s combo damage to very screenshot-worthy amounts, thanks to her ability to increase Elemental Mastery. While Vaporize has a lower damage increase from Elemental Mastery (+15% damage), it’s still worth it to run a team comp around this reaction because it can crit.


It’s important to get the order correct when it comes to the setup for a massive AoE Vaporize. Sucrose needs an element to Swirl in order for her talent bonuses to Elemental Mastery to take effect and the Viridescent debuff to occur, so make sure she gets to Swirl pyro from either Klee or Bennett.

Team Compositions: General Teams

Sucrose is a great support for characters who have offensive elements, like Diluc. Being able to group enemies and proc Swirl on pyro affected enemies is a great way to safely and quickly finish fights.


Keqing is also a good DPS character for Sucrose to support. While not as explosive as pyro, electro can still generate impressive damage values when Swirled, and especially when combined with hydro for Electro-charged, since having enemies grouped together will allow the Electro-charged damage to arc to all affected enemies.

Childe is also a good main DPS for Sucrose to support. Putting down her Burst before swapping to Childe and activating his Skill will help output large amounts of hydro and Swirl damage. This is very effective against enemies who are weak to hydro like slimes and pyro Abyss Mages.

Team Compositions: DPS Sucrose

Bennett is a good support for a main DPS Sucrose due to his ability to lay down a wide area of pyro. His heals from his Burst also keep Sucrose up. As a catalyst user, Sucrose’s HP doesn’t scale high, so being able to regen HP allows her to stay in the field longer to do Swirl damage.


Xiangling is also a good sub-DPS for Sucrose. Her Gouba and Pyronado scale well when it comes to pyro damage, and is a great element to proc Swirl with. Using Xiangling’s Burst then going into melee range with Sucrose while her Burst is active allows for consistent pyro procs from the Wind Spirit’s Swirl, grouping enemies for easy Pyronado damage as well.

Xingqui is also a good support for DPS Sucrose, as his Burst allows you to consistently Swirl hydro damage with each normal attack. When paired with Sucrose’s Burst, Xingqui’s Burst will add damage to the Wind Spirit’s hydro proc damage.


Because of her element, Sucrose is a great asset to any team in Genshin Impact especially for free-to-play. While her endgame artifact set is a little difficult to farm, she doesn’t really require a substantial investment in order to see great results. Thrilling Tales is a 3 star catalyst that everyone can refine to rank 5 relatively quickly, and her passive talents, combined with her Skill and Burst, greatly enhance the whole team’s efficiency, especially for players who like to maximize Elemental Reactions.

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