We check out the cool-looking Bluetooth speaker from LG. Does it sound as good as it looks?

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LG releases first curved 4K OLED TV in the market
The Korean tech giant ends 2015 with a first in the home entertainment industry: a curved OLED TV that has 4K display housed in a super thin body that can almost pass as an art piece in your home. Read more
LG announces the Magna, a curved-screen midrange smartphone
Going ahead of the local G4 release is the Magna, LG Electronics’ latest smartphone offering. If you’re looking for LG’s patented flagship-class features at a slightly more budget-friendly price range, then this is the device for you. Read more
LG officially announces the LG G4
After months of speculation, leaks, and teasers, LG Electronics finally shows off the latest in a pedigree of great smartphones. The LG G4 shows off the best the company offers in terms of improvements, but still keeps it familiar. Read more