Fighting Games Take Center Stage With Brawlfest Versus Arena
Fighting games have been a mainstay in gaming, and the genre has enjoyed a cult-like following even before the term “esports” has been coined. What started as fun games with siblings and friends graduated to battling strangers-turned-friends in the local arcades. Now, many years later, fighting games are poised... Read more
The TEKKEN and Fatal Fury Universes Collide as Geese Howard Joins the Next Battle in TEKKEN 7

Building upon its stellar launch in Asia, TEKKEN 7 is bringing another famous guest character to join the next battle with Geese Howard from the Fatal Fury franchise.

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Twitch and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Announce TEKKEN World Tour

Social video platform Twitch and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia Pte. Ltd., publisher of TEKKEN™ 7, have announced an exclusive partnership to create the TEKKEN World Tour.

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Get ready for Rage Art! The Philippines’ largest Tekken 7 launch event

Bandai Namco, has partnered with renowned global eSports brand TEAM SPOOKY to bring RAGE ART, the Philippines largest Tekken 7 launch event.

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TEKKEN™ 7 Pre-Order Starts In Southeast Asia

BANDAI NAMCO has announced that TEKKEN 7 is available for digital pre-order in Southeast Asia for PlayStation, XBOX and STEAM starting May 1st, 2017.

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Tekken™ 7 to feature two new Exclusive Guests Characters from other video games’ licenses

Bandai Namco has revealed that two exclusive guest characters from other video games will make an appearance in the upcoming PC/console release of TEKKEN 7.

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Eddy Gordo joins the next battle in Tekken 7

Brazilian Capoeira expert, Eddy Gordo, has just been confirmed as part of the Tekken 7 playable roster upon the game’s PC and console release.

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ESGS 2016 | Must-Plays on the Show Floor

This year’s ESGS is filled with games from different developers that visitors can try and play. Here are some of the must-play titles.

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Here comes a new challenger: Tekken 7 introduces Filipina fighter Josie Rizal
Yes, you may cringe at the name, but Josie Rizal, Tekken 7’s newest fighter, looks like she can kick major ass – even in her curiously shiny costume. Read more