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Eula is a very fresh character thanks to her focus on physical damage instead of the other elements. It's time for Sneeze Supremacy with... Genshin Guide | Eula

Eula is the latest Cryo 5 star to be featured on Genshin Impact. She follows the trend set out by Razor and Rosaria in terms of the physical damage type. As a greatsword user, Eula fills in the main DPS role with her high damage complemented by her backloaded Burst.

Eula: Overview

Eula is a DPS carry through and through. Eula’s kit provides a steady stream of hard-hitting normal attacks thanks to her chosen weapon type, but also has her Elemental Skill and Burst to provide a lot of spike damage. Unlike other DPS characters, Eula specializes in physical damage instead of elemental damage to bring her enemies down. While the game revolves mainly on elemental reactions, Eula and other characters of her ilk like Rosaria and Razor, bring something different to the table.


Her normal attacks hit hard, especially if you have an upgraded weapon. Thanks to the greatsword’s damage scaling at the cost of attack speed, Eula can just simply hack her way through enemies regardless of whether they have shields or not and she’ll eventually kill them. Due to how her charged attack works, it’s always better to have her do her normal attacks since they improve damage output over time.

Her Elemental Skill Icetide Vortex, has two forms with strict functions. Pressing E will have Eula slash in a cone, dealing Cryo damage and lets gain a stack of Grimheat for a maximum of two stacks. While she has a Grimheart stack, her defense will increase by 30% and she will be more resistant to interruption. Holding E will consume the Grimheart stacks, moving her forward slightly and dealing AoE Cryo damage in a cone in front of her. Enemies hit will have their physical and Cryo resistances lowered by 16% at Level 1 Talent skill. This resistance shred will last for seven seconds.

Her Elemental Burst Glacial Illumination, deals initial Cryo AoE damage around her, and will summon a Lightfall Sword. The Lightfall Sword floats behind her, gaining energy stacks while it charges itself. Energy stacks are gained via normal and charged attacks, and by using her Elemental Skill and Burst. After seven seconds, the Lightfall Sword will explode, dealing massive AoE physical damage equal to the number of energy stacks it has absorbed. Switching Eula out before the seven second duration is over will make the Lightfall sword explode, dealing damage equal to the number of stacks it has accumulated before the swap.

Eula delivers a combination of consistent and spike damage that can be activated at will. She is also the first character to push past the boundaries of physical damage as a damage type. Before Eula, Razor and Rosaria were the only characters that can specialize into this damage type. Since they are four star characters and physical damage specialists, the damage ceilings are easily reached. However with Eula’s five star status, physical damage can now be seen as a viable damage type to invest in.

Eula’s Builds

As a physical damage DPS character, Eula doesn’t really have a support build option if you really want to maximize her potential. The newly-release Pale Flame set seems to have been made for her, but there are other artifacts that can be mixed in without diminishing her damage output. When it comes to weapon choice, Eula is also versatile enough to use the most powerful one you have without hurting her numbers.

Weapon: Song of the Broken Pines, Wolf’s Gravestone, Skyward Pride, Serpent’s Spine, Snow-Tomed Starsilver, Prototype Archaic

4pc Pale Flame set
ATK%/Energy Recharge hourglass
PHYS DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

As previously mentioned, the Pale Flame set is best in slot for Eula. Not only does it increase physical damage by 25% with two pieces, the set bonus at four pieces increases ATK by 9% up to two times when opponents are hit with her Elemental Skill, something you can do in quick succession. Getting two stacks will increase the physical damage bonus to 50%. Take note that Eula’s optimal damage rotation makes you use her Skill twice before using the hold ability, which lines up very well with the four piece set ability. One thing to note that while the timings of the stacks from the set line up with her Skill’s cooldown, they are actually very strict on execution. Unless you’ve gotten the rotations down to muscle memory, maximizing the full set ability is hard to do.

An important thing to note with her artifacts is to look for Energy Recharge in your substats. Eula’s Burst costs 80 energy, so it would do well to get her up to 160% Energy Recharge or better to make her Burst more consistent to use.

When it comes to weapons, the Song of Broken Pines is the clear winner, provided you are able to maximize your attack rotations on Eula. It increases ATK by 16% at R1, and each normal attack gains a stack of Sigil of Whispers. Getting four stacks will allow the whole party to gain a buff that increases ATK again and normal attack speed. Gaining attack speed is great for greatsword users in general but can potentially increase Eula’s Burst damage due to you being able to squeeze in more hits during the seven second duration of her Burst.

Weapon: Song of the Broken Pines, Wolf’s Gravestone, Skyward Pride, Serpent’s Spine, Snow-Tomed Starsilver, Prototype Archaic

2pc Pale Flame + 2pc Bloodstained Chivalry
ATK%/Energy Recharge hourglass
PHYS DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

Weapon: Song of the Broken Pines, Wolf’s Gravestone, Skyward Pride, Serpent’s Spine, Snow-Tomed Starsilver, Prototype Archaic

2pc Pale Flame + 2pc Gladiator
ATK%/Energy Recharge hourglass
PHYS DMG goblet
CRIT DMG/CRIT RATE headpiece (depending on lacking stat)

These two builds are similar in that they both straight up increase how hard Eula can hit with her normal attacks and her Burst. Having a flat 50% increase in physical damage thanks to the Pale Flame + Bloodstained Chivalry sets will give immediate increases in her white damage numbers. It will also increase the damage from the second part of her Burst. Should you have lackluster Bloodstained pieces, you can swap them for Gladiator pieces. For these builds, weapons like the Wolf’s Gravestone and the other four stars should be considered more than the Song of Broken Pines.

Unlike the full Pale Flame set, the 2/2 split between Pale Flame and Bloodstained is more forgiving to use. As you learn the rotation for Eula, this set might be better. This set is what we currently use for Eula and the damage output is by no means a slouch.

Eula’s Playstyle

While there’s no real strict way to play Eula or any other character in the game, those who would want to maximize her damage would go for normal attacks (NA) in between press Skill, swapping to supports, hold Skill, Burst, then use press Skill and normal attacks to charge the second Burst ability to maximum until the timer expires. Her first 4 Normal Attacks are the best way to keep damage values up and you can dash cancel so you can restart the combo.

For easier reference:

NA x4 > press Skill > NA x4 > press Skill > swap to supports or NA > hold Skill > Burst > press Skill > NA > hold Skill > NA until Burst explosion

While that may sound like a lot of work on paper, it’s all about keeping an eye on Eula’s Skill cooldown. Just remember how many times you’ve used her Skill so you know when to go for a press or a hold. By that time, your Burst should be ready. Before using her Burst however, make sure your supports have activated their Skills and Bursts as well as you ideally want to have Eula make use of the seven second duration of her Burst with her on the field and attacking.

The short version of the rotation is:

Press Skill > Burst > Hold Skill > NA until explosion

Of course, you can just prioritize her normal attack talents and just go crazy with normal attacks. Eula is a physical damage dealer so that means that she can kill anything in the game regardless of element, even Slimes – the bane of any catalyst user. However, learning her optimal attack rotation at your own pace is rewarding enough, especially if you get a big Burst number higher than 500,000, which is more than enough to obliterate anything still standing.

Team Compositions

Since Eula is a physical damage DPS with an 80-energy cost Burst, it would be important to pair her with a battery character and an Electro character to enable Superconduct. Like with Rosaria, Eula functions well enough with just these characters on her team, the fourth slot can be any comfort pick you want.


Diona is the best battery for Eula since her Skill gives a lot of Cryo energy particles. Building her with a full set of Noblesse can make her a pseudo Bennett when it comes to utility, and having HP mainstay artifacts can instantly make her your go-to healer and shielder.

Fischl is another battery character that can help out Eula with her energy management together with Diona, but also enables Superconduct to happen, which gives the Spindrift Knight a huge advantage in battle. Thanks to Oz constantly pumping energy particles and allowing you to Superconduct enemies in order to lower their physical resistance, Fischl is a mainstay in the team. She also provides Eula with great mobility thanks to her Burst, allowing you to reposition to the next mob in order to maximize your damage.


Zhongli is a good pick for the flex slot, allowing Eula access to an even stronger shield than what Diona can offer, plus crowd control in the form of his Burst. Being able to keep pumping out damage even when off the field is highly sought-after especially against tough world bosses and in the Spiral Abyss. Ever since his rework and the shift to shield meta, Zhongli has been an auto-include in most teams as the comfort character pick.

Bennett is another comfort pick players may want to consider from the early days of the game. His healing and buffing capabilities are still unparalleled, allowing you a great deal of staying power and flexibility when combined with Diona’s shield.

Xingqui is another god-tier support character that can easily find a place in Eula’s team. His Hydro-based abilities offer Eula a form of crowd control by Freezing opponents. While Shatter isn’t really the greatest elemental reaction, Eula is an easy enabler of this because of her weapon, giving you an additional source of damage.


Affectionately called the “Sneezedrift Knight” by the community, Eula has not only entranced naysayers with her cute sneeze, but also with her dancing talent. She has the smoothest attack animations of all greatsword users, and has a powerful kit that will officially herald the time when physical damage can go toe to toe with the other elemental damage types as started by Rosaria. And with rumors about buffing Electro elemental reactions (including Superconduct), expect Eula to be hacking her way through enemies for a considerable amount of time to come.

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