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One of Genshin's most overlooked supports, Diona can bring a lot of utility in any team but shines with her home element. Genshin Guide | Diona

Diona is a 4 star cryo bow user in Genshin Impact. She was one of the newer 4 star characters to be introduced in the game, and first appeared in the Tartaglia banner together with Ningguang and Beidou.


Diona is a defensive support and healing character. Similar to other characters released after Patch 1.2, she also has a shield mechanic as part of her kit. She is able to shield any character on the field as added defense, and provide a cryo field that debuffs enemies while healing allies.


Her normal attacks do low damage. Since bow attacks are considered projectiles, arrows have flight time and fall off the farther they travel on their way to their target. Don’t rely too heavily on normal attack spam for her.

Her charged attacks deal cryo damage, which can be useful for open world puzzles as well as inflicting cryo debuffs on enemies, particularly when fighting in shallow water in order to freeze them.

Her Elemental Skill, Icy Paws, fires cryo damage to enemies then creates a shield. A tap will send out two cryo attacks, while a hold will send out five. The hold version of Icy Paws will have a longer duration than the tap version. The shield strength scales off her max HP. Unlocking her first passive talent adds movement speed increase and stamina consumption decrease to anyone affected by her shield. Take note that she will also get a brief cryo status effect when she uses her Skill similar to Xingqui.

Her Elemental Burst, Signature Mix, throws down a large cryo field in an area. It has a duration of 12 seconds and will pulse every two seconds. Characters and allies in the field will be healed during each pulse, while enemies will take cryo damage and will have the cryo debuff applied to them. Unlocking Diona’s second passive talent adds a 15% attack debuff on enemies for 15 seconds.

Builds for Diona

Weapon: Favonious Warbow/Sacrificial Bow/Recurve Bow
4pc Maiden Beloved
HP% goblet

Like Noelle for DEF, Diona will happily take the HP% artifacts you may have, especially if they are from the Maiden Beloved set. To add to Diona’s appeal for free to play players, the main substats you really want in her artifacts are Energy Recharge, HP%, and flat HP. As a healing-focused support character, you’ll really want to increase her max HP so she can provide strong shields and healing.

Having an Energy Recharge timepiece together with a Favonious Warbow or Sacrificial Bow will boost Diona’s energy gain, as you need to reach 160%-200% Energy Recharge. Her abilities cost a lot, but having a 5 star Energy Recharge timepiece with any of the two weapons will get her to the minimum stat needed to fuel her high energy cost abilities easily. Take note that using the hold version of her Skill is usually better than using tap, since it generates more energy particles for her Burst. Make sure to target as many enemies as you can when using her Skill.

Weapon: Favonious Warbow/Sacrificial Bow/Recurve Bow
4pc Noblesse Oblige
HP% goblet
HP%/ headpiece

For a more supportive and less healing focused build, you can run four pieces of Noblesse Oblige, which will lessen her ability to pump out large healing numbers in favor of more damaging pulses from her Burst while buffing your entire team in the process. This time, prioritizing Energy Recharge in your substats is greater, as you will want to swap in Diona frequently in order to activate her Burst as soon as it’s ready to go.

Team Compositions


Bennett is a god tier support character and pairs well with Diona. With his attack buffs combined with Diona’s shield, there’s very little that will get your health down very low. Together, these two supports can also proc Melt on your enemies. Having a bump on Diona’s Elemental Mastery from artifact substats will help smoothen out her synergy with Bennett, and increase the damage from Melt, since it will most probably be Diona’s cryo pulsing field that will proc it.

Xingqui is another god tier support that plays well with Diona. His constant hydro procs combined with Diona’s cryo field from her Burst will ensure that at least one enemy is Frozen. This can be a lifesaver in endgame areas like Spiral Abyss.

Fischl can also be a good support DPS for Diona. Thanks to her set and forget Elemental Skill, Fischl, while inside Diona’s cryo field, can constantly proc Superconduct, allowing her bow attacks to deal maximum damage.


Eula is probably one of the best DPS characters to pair with Diona. Eula has a high cost for her burst ability, and having Diona with a Sacrificial Bow on the team generates a large amount of Cryo energy particles Eula can catch in order to keep using her powerful Elemental Burst to clear out waves of enemies in the open world or in the Spiral Abyss.

Keqing is also a good pick for main DPS on a Diona team. Together, they can proc Superconduct, another powerful elemental reaction. Thanks to Keqing’s ability to cycle between electro damage and physical damage, simply triggering Superconduct once will be enough to boost her damage against affected enemies.


Diona is a great support character and is very free to play friendly to build and optimize. She brings a more defensive set of abilities to the team with her shield, while supplying large amounts of healing with the right artifacts. In the open world, there are very few enemies who can break through her shield in one hit if she has high HP.

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