Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Update Coming on February 16 Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Update Coming on February 16
New challenges, new mini-games, and a new 5 Star character are all coming in Genshin Impact Version 2.5! Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Update Coming on February 16

The end of the Lantern Rite festivities heralds the arrival of new content, as Genshin Impact Version 2.5 is scheduled to go live on February 16, 2022. Dubbed “When Sakura Bloom”, the new update takes players back to Inazuma. Darkness of unknown origins is looming in the recently-opened Enkanomiya area, bringing unprecedented challenges for the Travelers. On the other side of Inazuma, the story of the Raiden Shogun continues, followed by the Story Quest of Yae Miko, accompanying her arrival as the latest 5 star character.

Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Event

genshin impact version 2.5

The new seasonal event “Three Realms Gateway Offering” will challenge explorers with an area based on Enkanomiya that is haunted by an unknown darkness. Once they have set foot in this area, characters will continuously accumulate corrosive darkness. A special gadget, the Bokuso Box, will be given to help resist the corrosive darkness, gain new abilities, and take down certain monsters. Open chests, unlock Waypoints and complete exploration objectives in the event area will all level up the Bokuso Box. The event will last the entire duration of Version 2.5, providing players with an ample amount of time to fully explore every corner and claim rich rewards including Primogems and the new 4-star catalyst weapon, Oathsworn Eye.

genshin impact version 2.5

Tough enemies continue to appear in Inazuma. Beneath the water in Enkanomiya, players may encounter Standard Bearers, Line Breakers, and Defenders of the Shadowy Husk family, each type with different weapons, elements, and abilities. For instance, the Standard Bearer will create shields for itself and nearby Shadowy Husks if it hits a shielded character. On the other side of Inazuma, a formidable new Trounce Domain opponent arises, as Raiden Shogun’s Story Quest continues, promising to challenge playerswith intimidating combat mechanics.

Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Standalone Banner: Yae Miko

genshin impact version 2.5

More allies will also come to help in Genshin Impact Version 2.5. Yae Miko, the head shrine maiden of the Grand Narukami Shrine, will be joining as the new five-star Electro Catalyst user. With her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, Miko is capable of providing both constant damage off-field and high burst damage on-field. Meanwhile, players may also cross paths with Yae Miko as an unusual urban legend circulates throughout Inazuma.

genshin impact version 2.5

Yae Miko’s Event Wish will be available in the early stage of the update, followed by Event Wishes of Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi.

genshin impact version 2.5

With Version 2.5, the “Divine Ingenuity” event will offer a chance for players to create their own domain. Participants of this event will be able to customize their own domains with a variety of terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs and completion criteria. Moreover, players may also try out other players’ domain designs.

genshin impact version 2.5

A series of concept art about the Chasm was revealed to fans and players in the latest Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Special Program. Starting from Version 2.6, players will be able to explore this all-new map addition in Liyue. A lot of players have been waiting patiently for the Chasm to open ever since first exploring Liyue, and we’re excited to see how deep it really goes. A very popular piece of speculation was that the Chasm area serves as the gateway to the lands beyond Liyue – Sumeru, home of the Dendro archon.

The Genshin Impact Version 2.5 update will be arriving on February 16, 2022. With the cross-save function, players can now continue their adventure across PlayStation, PC, and mobile. The game is available for download on PS4 and PS5 from the PlayStation Store, on Android from Google Play, on iOS from the App Store, and on PC from Epic Games Store or the Genshin Impact official website. For more information and updates, please follow @GenshinImpact onTwitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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