Halloween comes to Overwatch with new patch

Halloween is just around the corner, and Overwatch gets spookified in time for the festivities!

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GAMESCOM 2016 | Blizzard reveals new Overwatch map and animated short

Blizzard reveals their newest animated short starring Bastion as well as a new map!

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OVERWATCH | New Patch Discussion

There’s a new patch for Overwatch, with McCree and Ana getting the spotlight on nerfs/buffs.

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Overwatch and Dark Horse partner for a 2017 graphic novel

Blizzard and Dark Horse will be releasing an Overwatch graphic novel in 2017!

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Patch 1.10 for Overwatch is live

The latest patch for Overwatch is a big one, containing a lot of welcome buffs and a new character. Pharah’s mom, Ana Amari has finally made her debut! Check out the patch notes here.

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Ana Amari is Overwatch’s Latest Hero

Ana Amari is one of the new heroes that will be introduced into Overwatch very soon! Check out her abilities and backstory here!

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GAME REVIEW | Overwatch: Blizzard’s Shiny New FPS

Overwatch is Blizzard’s newest online game and their first at making an FPS! Check out the review!

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Get ready: Overwatch has a release date

Blizzard fans, rejoice! We’ve just received word that the official launch date for Overwatch is just around the corner!

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E3 Round-up | The top six PS4 games we want to play
E3 2015 has come and gone, and we go straight to the games we are pretty excited about. Suddenly, getting a PS4 has become top priority, especially when news broke out that a 1TB version of the console has just been announced. Read more