Fighting Games Take Center Stage With Brawlfest Versus Arena
Fighting games have been a mainstay in gaming, and the genre has enjoyed a cult-like following even before the term “esports” has been coined. What started as fun games with siblings and friends graduated to battling strangers-turned-friends in the local arcades. Now, many years later, fighting games are poised... Read more
ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Invitational debuts on TruTV & Warner TV

Turner and IMG’s first-ever ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Invitational began this weekend on Warner TV and truTV in Asia. Live coverage of the tournament action is presented on Twitch and YouTube from the G Fuel® ELEAGUE Arena at Turner Studios in Atlanta.

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Asia Pop Comic Con 2016 Highlights: The Best Event of 2016

Check out the best things about Asia Pop Comic Con 2016!

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Juri is SFV’s latest character

Capcom’s latest character makes her debut this July 26: Juri!

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E3 Round-up | The top six PS4 games we want to play
E3 2015 has come and gone, and we go straight to the games we are pretty excited about. Suddenly, getting a PS4 has become top priority, especially when news broke out that a 1TB version of the console has just been announced. Read more