Lockdown Gaming: 5 Games to Play

A quick list of games to get into and keep you entertained while staying at home.

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Warframe Spotlight: Octavia

In our Octavia spotlight, we take a look at her builds, weapons, and playstyles to maximize one of the most powerful frames in the game.

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The 5 Warframes You Really Need
There are currently 57 Warframes in the game, both counting regular, primed, and Umbra variants. Of these, only one frame is a Founder’s Exclusive and will never be obtainable: Excalibur Prime. That being said, you’ll need Warframe slots if you want to expand your collection of frames, and currently,... Read more
GAME REVIEW | Warframe: The First 100 Days

Warframe can be daunting for a total newbie, but don’t give up so easily, Tenno! The path to being the ultimate space ninja begins with a clumsy bullet jump!

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WHY PLAY | Warframe

For a four year old game, Warframe’s biggest overhaul update made it look, feel, sound, and play like a fresh-out-of-the-oven MMO shooter.

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