The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available in the PH The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available in the PH
The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available! Is it the wireless peripheral for you? The Mi Gaming Mouse is now available in the PH

The Mi Gaming Mouse has been in the market for almost a year now, and it’s finally available in the Philippines. You can get it at the Mi Stores in malls (do practice social distancing!) or order online by joining their official Viber Group.

mi gaming mouse

The Mi Gaming Mouse is a wireless mouse designed to work on your desktops or laptops. It’s an ergonomic right-handed mouse with six customizable buttons. We’ll check out the features after we have the full spec sheet.

Mi Gaming Mouse: Specs

126mm * 68mm * 41mm
139g (with battery)
3.7V 900mAh internal battery
50 – 7200dpi
150 IPS
wired polling rate 1000Hz
wireless polling rate 1000Hz
recommended for Windows7 or macOS 10.10 and above
desktop application for download

Mi Gaming Mouse: Features

The Mi Gaming Mouse is Xiaomi’s latest foray into the non-smartphone product segment. The mouse itself has a unique look thanks to the floating left and right mouse buttons. The shape is similar to the look of the ASUS ROG Strix gaming mouse with its angular front and rounded back.

mi gaming mouse

There are three buttons on the left side of the mouse where your thumb rests. The standard Mouse 3 and 4 buttons are big and can be easily reached even by smaller hands, while the Quick Aim button is at the bottom of the body nearest the tip of the thumb. The rounded back of the mouse is where the Bluetooth dongle is stored when you need to take the mouse on the go.

At the top are DPI adjustment buttons for sensitivity toggles and underneath you have the power switch when in wireless mode and a reset button. There are five skates total: four small ones located at the front and middle of the underside of the mouse, and one large circular skate pad at the bottom. While it does help with glide consistency, you may need to pair this mouse with a control pad for better fine adjustments. If you’re using a speed pad, the Mi Gaming Mouse requires an adjustment period.

mi gaming mouse

For weight weenies out there, this may not be the mouse for you. At almost 140g, the Mi Gaming Mouse is on the hefty side. If you’re used to lighter wired or wireless mice, then this peripheral will probably need getting used to. Their 900mAh battery pack would be the primary culprit for the weight, but compared to Razer’s Viper Ultimate (which also has an internal battery), the weight difference is night and day.

We’ve checked a few reviews for the mouse and most of them are generally good, however, in wireless mode, most have found that the mouse has a battery life of about 8 hours and takes an hour to charge it back to full capacity. The charging cable the comes with it is braided and has a Micro USB port which docks snugly to the mouse thanks to the built-in grooves.

You can download an app to further customize the mouse settings but at the moment, its in Chinese so you may have to fiddle with it a bit to get all your RGB and sensitivity settings right. It also can’t accept any macro settings for out-of-gaming functions. Additionally, you can only change any of the settings when in wired mode.

It also comes with an ARM processor. It’s basically a simplified CPU that allows the mouse faster response times. It might be a little too much for a gaming mouse, but it just shows that Mi has pulled out all the stops for their first gaming mouse.

The Mi Gaming Mouse seems built for those who just want to plug and play their peripherals to find their sweet spot. It fills out all the basic boxes and for Php 1895, it’s definitely on the cheaper end of wireless mice. There are better alternatives for around the same price point. With the battery life being absurdly short, you might as well put it on wired mode all the time, for which there are tons of cheap but nevertheless great mice, like the Rapoo VPro VT200s.

For more information about the Mi Gaming Mouse, other Mi products, and how and where to order, check out their Facebook page.

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